Charged Up and Raring to Go
A Quick Look at What Lies beneath the LOMA® Brand


LOMA® – The Trademark of European Excellence
The Essence of Germany – From the Blueprint to the Masterpiece

LOMA’s in-house production process is executed in Germany- the hub of superlative engineering and innovative design. From creative conceptualization, revolutionary design, quality manufacturing and stringent testing – each critical stage is effectively handled by an experienced team of automotive experts. With an unrelenting focus on exceptional quality and performance; we believe that perfection lies in the details. No shortcuts. No second chances. We aim for brilliance.


LOMA® – Weaving Dreams of Aluminum
The Future of Intelligent Wheel Design

Some products are born out of necessity. Some are born out of visionary insight. LOMA takes your vision and converts it into metallic art. We combine traditional values with top-class production to bring your dream wheels to reality. When you look into each of our exquisite products, you will see more than just a reflection. Our dedicated focus, innovative spirit and contagious joie de vivre, will shine through.


LOMA® – Scientifically Tested and Proven Tough
Because Your Safety is our First Priority

Our forged wheels undergo a series of advanced tests and assessments to guarantee your safety. We do not compromise safety for better aesthetics or styling. Prior to being certified, each product is carefully evaluated and measured against rigorous criteria. Our wheels are designed and built to be reliable and tough even if the driver overstresses the wheel. LOMA® continues to revolutionize the wheel industry by introducing products that are futuristic, stylish and most importantly… safe.



Mario Radosavljevic’s pioneering spirit and passion for innovation in the automotive sector led to the development and growth of the LOMA brand. Born to Montenegrin immigrants, he was raised in Austria where he soon realized that his future was in the automotive industry. In 2008, he immigrated to Germany, the provincial capital of the global automobile industry. His maiden entrepreneurial venture was a company in Baden Württemberg which specialized in aluminum wheel sales and distribution.
Mario Radosavljevic had a different vision for the future of wheel manufacturing. Since the wheels in the market left much to be desired, he strived to create a revolutionary design – one that would take the world by storm. This design would beautifully merge key elements such as elegance, personalization, performance and durability – all combined in an unprecedented light-weight wheel.

This dream became a reality in 2009 with the launch of his first creative design. When the legendary GT1 aluminum wheel made its debut, it was still being manufactured by outsourced suppliers. However, Mario Radosavljevic had the foresight to see the immense potential behind this endeavor. He wanted to build a strong brand personality that would powerfully reflect the unique features and performance characteristics of his new wheels. After a bit of experimentation with names and logos, LOMA was born. And it captured the essence of his vision.
Once the name was patented, LOMA received exclusive rights for manufacturing from both Germany and the United States. Each new design catapulted the brand to market leader status as LOMA products were both stylish and high on performance. Its light-weight nature and ultra elegant concavity soon surpassed other products in the markets. Today, LOMA continues to create extraordinary forged wheels for street and sports cars from across the world. However, with every new wheel we stay true to Mario Radosavljevic’s founding principle – to produce wheels as if you are your own customer. That is the ethos that drives our brand and it propels us to give our very best to meet your desire.