Skilfully crafted by expert European engineers in our German factory, each custom made forged wheel contains our Motorsport DNA and is a masterpiece in itself.
That’s what you’ve been looking for so long.
This is LOMA®.

When the Successful Accessorize… They Don’t Compromise

Pick LOMA® for one overpowering reason – We Deliver. It’s performance over promises. Innovation over ordinary.
A dynamic and modern profile gives each product a powerful and distinctive look.

LOMA® matches your personality- subtle, classy and unpretentious. Those with a discerning eye will appreciate the intelligent innovation that go into creating each product. This is for You. You know who you are. Get ready for a sensational driving experience. Shake off the wind and speed to the finish.
Gift yourself forged wheels that will rev up the road.



A Masterpiece of Strength and Lightness It holds the record for the lightest Flow Forged wheel in the world. We’re pioneers of innovative engineering and performance. Rugged Power. Optimal Performance.



LOMA® takes you beyond advanced German engineering and world-class design. The brand “GERMAN FORGED®” exudes a classy and elegant vibe that signals success. It´s time to show your success.



The superlight five double spoke shape made from extra compressed aluminum is symbolic of our exquisite FX1 collection. Perfect combination of fascinating technology and unrivalled luxury.