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In 2015, LOMA made a bold statement with its first luxury sports forged rim honed from special compressed aluminum. An industry-first, this powerful, impressive and unrivalled look became LOMA’s signature style.

Designed and Developed in Germany Destined for an Exceptional Drive.

Revolutionary Design to Turbo-Charge Motorsport Technology
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FX1-C® Superleague

A dream in carbon fiber. With our partner company, we are manufacturing our new FX1-C Superleague wheels in an autoclave process. The forged rim can be ordered in 7075 aluminum (aeronautics) or magnesium. The result is breathtaking. Weights begin at 4 kilograms per wheel. It is innovative thinking, winning motor-sports experience and exclusivity which makes LOMA® so unique.
LOMA® is not for everyone. It’s made for YOU.


Automotive Performance and Luxury Redefined





Explore the Beauty. Excite the Beast.

360° VIDEO

There are forged wheels. And then there’s the LOMA FX1 Superleague. It’s different. It’s for those who desire the extraordinary. It offers countless possibilities and the highest level of individuality for the word’s superlative supercars. This product exemplifies LOMA’s supremacy and fine finesse. Owned by the most powerful, influential and wealthiest tycoons of world; the FX1 is in a class of its own. Buyers enjoy highly tailored and personalized services, worthy of royalty.


– Detailed car analysis
– Conversion of data and CAD creation
– Highly effective FX1 wheel optimization
– Use of T7075 forged aluminum
– Use of titanium hardware for two-piece designs
– Maximum concavity for a more powerful stance