The history of LOMA and the founder’s history, Mario Radosavljevic is an inseparable aspect from his pioneer spirit. The son of Montenegrin immigrants, he was raised in Austria and realized fairly quickly that his future was in the automotive industry. He immigrated to Germany in 2008 so he could be closer to this chosen field, since Germany is the leading metropolis for automobile manufacturing. He founded a company in Baden Württemberg, specializing in aluminum wheels sales and distribution. During those days, the wheels were still lacking the combination HE was striving for; elegance, design, individuality and durability combined in a light-weight wheel. But Mario Radosavljevic was confident that one day he would be able to integrate all of these features in one forged wheel.

He achieved this task in 2009. His first design entered the world. The legendary GT1 aluminum wheel made its debut. At that time, the wheel was still manufactured by outsourced suppliers, but it quickly became apparent that this was a market which had not yet been explored to its fullest potential. Mario Radosavljevic’s intention was that his wheels were associated with a name easily pronounced and characteristic any language, as well as feature an impressive logo on all of his forged wheels. After experimenting with all imaginable names and not really being satisfied with any of them, one morning he had an epiphany, and thus, LOMA born.

The name was patented immediately and he was approved as the manufacturer by the German and American Government. The process took one year; however, the initial wheel design was more successful than even he anticipated. Subsequently, he designed and produced numerous forged wheels and he stayed true to his principle: remain critical and produce the wheel as if you were your own customer.

The story continues…