LOMA® GT Competition

Positioned for a Podium Finish

It’s not just about a win.
It’s about winning BIG!

It Packs a Powerful Punch

LOMA® racing wheels are reserved for winners. Hot. Swift. Exhilarating.
Watch the magic as it unfolds on every lap.

Breaking Rules, Racing Free
Crossing the Checkered Flag Never Felt So Good

Don’t Stay in the Slipstream - Finish with a Fantastic Win


Superior Materials
Nothing but the best – for the race deserves nothing less. Every blank is 100% customized to suit the car’s specific race and homologation requirements. Your race wheels are manufactured from scratch and adhere to stringent quality measures to bring you perfection.

Sizzling Shape
LOMA® race wheels do not compromise on our signature style and design. Each forged blank is refined and crafted to excellence as we know that our partner teams expect a superior standard.

Revolutionary Design
It’s about record-setting lightness and iconic performance. Every aesthetic and functional design feature in this collection is designed to help secure a win.















Technical Dominance.
Tactical Performance.

Cruise Your Way to Victory
Because You Are No. 1