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Our foundation is the belief that human abilities and energies are inexhaustible, that continuous progress is possible and that we should always strive to strive for excellence, to dare to innovate and to think long term.

Our endeavor is simple yet essential, because we strive not to be one of many. LOMA Wheels is not a brand that just makes wheels. We put signs and statements with every product that is being re-imagined. Every single employee at LOMA pursues the goal, which our founder has put first, think outside the box. Where others see no possibility, we motivate our team to find solutions. Where others only follow a trend, we set the tone for innovative luxury. With this philosophy, within a decade, we have been shaping the wheel and tuning industry with new technologies more than anyone else. We are considered the inventors of the extraordinary luxury in the wheels industry and not because we just staple that word. Luxury is part of LOMA´s DNA and not just tacked on.
LOMA is just like always, and yet like never before.

Behind the LOMA Wheels brand is the desire to reflect on the world and our place in it and contribute to the common good. That's what we call "our spirit." Not one of many, but a trendsetter. We've been setting trends in the luxury industry for more than a decade now and have forever changed the market with products that were previously believed to be impossible to create or improve.

Behind the LOMA Wheels brand is also the desire to compete on the racetrack and to gain the necessary experience to improve our products. How good can be wheels made from people that just have the technical knowledge? At LOMA Wheels we strive for excellence and perfection. The race track does not forgive any mistake. That´s what LOMA Wheels are all about.-

Luxury Wheels with Motorsport DNA.

What keeps the brand LOMA Wheels young are not least the employees who daily contribute their enthusiasm behind the scenes with full commitment. The love to the brand and the associated area of responsibility, let ideas flow and find solutions, rather than looking for problems. The lifeblood of each individual is reflected in our products.