C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit | C6 Corvette Body Kit | Z06 Widebody.

Price range:

$ 6750 (GT2 Wide Body Kit)

$ 9990 (GT2 Wide Body Kit plus a set of forged rims 19/20)

with our package deal you save $4588!


Pre-Preg fiberglass and Carbon


Fits every C6 | Z06 | GS | ZR1 from 2005 to 2013.

Pure bolt-on with stock screws and hardware.


1 GT2 front lip spoiler with 30% more airflow to the engine

2 GT2 front fenders

2 GT2 rear panels

2 GT2 side rockers

2 GT2 badges and installation material

Short description:

This excellent-looking C6 Corvette Widebody kit will catapult your C6/Z06 or ZR1 into 2021 with a super modern and super aggressive look. 60 millimeter wider per side then Z06.

​C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit. C6 Corvette Body Kit and Z06 Widebody. 9 of 10 customers are mounting their C6 Corvette wide body kit, C6 Corvette body kit, Z06 widebody in their home garage. Secure your LOMA Corvette Widebody now for $6750 or as a package for $9990, including four custom forged wheels.

​The LOMA GT2 Corvette Body Kit is still, after so many years, unmatched! The car looks fresh and means that regardless of the exterior color, you look fresh too. ​If you don't know it better, you would think it is a brand-new Corvette launched by GM. That's what deserves the title of a "Timeless piece of Art." ​On the Left a regular Z06. On the right with the LOMA GT2 widebody. The Z06 looks tiny and small beside the LOMA GT2 Corvette. Imagine how little a standard C6 would look like besides the LOMA GT2 Corvette!

All LOMA GT2 Widebody parts are finished in fiberglass on the outside and carbon fiber on the inside. This allows you a low-cost paint job but warranties stiffness and perfect fitment through our interior carbon layers. The C6 Corvette Body Kit contains everything you need to convert your C6/Z06/GS or ZR1 into the mean monster you always wanted to.

The best is yet to come. No expensive Body-shop work or similar. In fact, 9 out of 10 customers are doing the installation by themselves in their home garage. That's how easy the installation is! Secure your Conversion kit now and WOW everyone around you.