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LOMA Forged™ CF24 F1 AERODISC Custom Wheels

The LOMA Forged™ Custom Rims are Available for:

Aston Martin, Audi RS, Bentley, BMW M, Bugatti, Corvette, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, Maybach, Mercedes-AMG, Porsche, Range Rover, Rolls-Royce, Rimac.

LOMA Forged™ Wheels Google Ratings.

USD $1,985 to $2,544 each

Sizes & Lead Time

❯  20", 21", 22", 23" & 24" | Lead Time if not in stock: 3–6 weeks

Safe Payments, Shipping & Returns.

❯ Forged Wheels ❯ CF24 F1 AERODISC