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Corvette GT2 Wide Body

C6 | Grand Sport | Z06 | ZR1

Original parts from LOMA are not just a sign of individuality, but rather a statement. With full intentions, we offer the best Corvette Bodykit in the world, that can be driven daily. We are very careful to emphasize the Corvette line while going large. Corvette custom wheels and Body Kits by LOMA are for the gentleman who immediately recognizes this difference.

Maybe the most known Wide Body on the planet! The LOMA GT2 WIDEBODY conversion kit is a pure bolt on body kit and the only bodykit in automotive industry that won a real race while being fully street legal. The win of the 12 hours from Sebring was real milestone. Performance and Luxury as usual since 2008.

Never was a Corvette fascinating as the LOMA GT2 Wide Body. Since launched in 2005 we all know that the C6 has some years on its back, but after transforming your Vette with our GT2 Bodykit, it looks as modern as the newest cars on the streets! You can't deny the brute optics rolling down the street.

A regular Z06 looks like a BASIC C6 beside the LOMA GT2 Widebody. Stop this Madness! Guess what? SIZE MATTERS

The widest Corvette ZR1 on the planet! Even ZR1 customers transform their C6 ZR1 with our GT2 Wide body. Extreme power needs a wider stance to bring the horses to the ground. A stock look with an extreme body kit made out of Carbon composite. Easy installation which can be done at home in your garage.

The intelligence of the LOMA GT2 Widebody kit can be seen in every corner. Take for example the rear flaps that are made from plastic and mounted on the fender. We decided to remove this plastic and design this part wider and as one piece with the fender. The result: No Gap and perfect fitment!

Corvette C6 Coupe

Part Number: C6WB543391

Price for full kit: 4.990 Euros

Corvette C6 Convertible

Part Number: C6C544121

Price for full kit: 4.990 Euros

Corvette C6 Grand Sport

Part Number: C6GSB847447

Price for full kit: 4.990 Euros

Corvette Z06

Part Number: C6Z6B941778

Price for full kit: 4.990 Euros

Corvette ZR1

Part Number: C6ZR16004785

Price for full kit: 4.990 Euros

Forged wheels for the GT2 Wide Body

19 Inches

Part Number:C6B054412

20 Inches

Part Number: C66B354744

21 Inches

Part Number: C66B555757

The installation is so easy, that 9 of 10 customers are doing it by themselves in their home garage!