Here a short overview of the process:


1. Technical drawing CAD

2. Technical strength test in VR Simulator

3. Technical translation of CAD to CAM for the CNC machine

4. Finished forged wheels sanding and polishing

5. Quality control check

6. Infrared scanning of the material

7. Surface finishing like anodizing and painting

8. Quality control

9. Packaging

10. Sending pictures to customer

11. Shipping by UPS


We will inform you by E-Mail like all our customers about the progress as soon as our engineer department and manufacturing department releases each step's pictures.



Where can I purchase LOMA Alloy Wheels?


People also ask:

  • "Where can I buy a LOMA wheel? "/" Who sells LOMA rims? "/" How do I find a LOMA dealer near me? "


Official LOMA Retailers exclusively sell new and genuine LOMA wheels. They warrant your LOMA wheels' authenticity and ensure its international five-year guarantee. The Official LOMA Retailers network covers more than 100 countries worldwide, but only the featured will be listed. Contact us for further information.

How can I ensure the authenticity of a LOMA wheel?

People also ask:

  • "How to authenticate a LOMA rim?" / "How to know if a LOMA wheel is real?" / "How to spot a fake LOMA wheel?"


You should only purchase LOMA wheels from Official LOMA Retailers, who are authorized to sell and maintain LOMA wheels. With the necessary skill, training, know-how, and special equipment on-site, they guarantee every part of your LOMA wheels' authenticity and can ensure its reliability over time.

How to identify an Official LOMA Retailer?

People also ask:


"How can I tell if a LOMA retailer is genuine?" / "Where is the best place to buy a LOMA wheel?" / "Where can I find an Official LOMA Retailer?"


The Official LOMA plaque displayed in-store or on the retailer website establishes an Official LOMA Retailer's authenticity. lists all featured official LOMA Retailers and Service Centers. If you don't find a retailer in your area, please contact us.

Where can I find the price of a LOMA wheel?

People also ask:

  • "How much does a LOMA set cost?" / "How much is the most expensive LOMA rim?" / "What are the cheapest LOMA rim?"


You can find the suggested retail price for a large selection of LOMA wheels on in most countries. Please contact or visit your nearest Official LOMA Retailer for any inquiries about prices for specific models.

How can I check the availability of a wheel?

People also asked:

  • "Which LOMA boutique has the rim I am looking for?" / "How can I find out the availability of a specific model in-store at an Official LOMA Retailer?"


Please contact us directly or your local dealer. They are best suited to advise you on selecting your LOMA wheels. They can provide you with information on LOMA wheels' availability in your region.

What does the LOMA Warranty cover?

People also asked:

  • "What does the LOMA Warranty consist of?" / "How long is the LOMA warranty?" / "Is the LOMA Warranty international?"


LOMA guarantees the good functioning of its forged rims for a period of five years from the date of purchase for street and race track use (structure only). Excluded from this Warranty are normal wear and tear (especially wear on track days and race track operations), loss, theft, or damage resulting from improper handling. Adding or replacing accessories or parts that are not original LOMA parts will void the Warranty. This Warranty is valid only if:

  1. An official LOMA dealer sells the rim.

  2. An authorized LOMA dealer validly completes the warranty card upon sale.

  3. The warranty card is issued to an authorized LOMA dealer.


Interventions by third parties will void this Warranty. Excluded from the Warranty are also wet paint coatings. Only our anodized and powder coat finishes have a two-year warranty. For questions, please feel free to ask.

How long is the Warranty on a LOMA rim?

People also asked:

  • "How long is the Warranty on a LOMA rim?" / "Are LOMA wheels guaranteed for life?" / "How long does a LOMA rim last?"


All new LOMA forged wheels have a 2-year international warranty. Your official LOMA retailer will fill out the warranty card on the day of purchase and registered with LOMA. Rims of the Forged Carbon Fiber aerospace forged wheels series, and forged carbon series are equipped with a lifetime warranty.