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The Ferrari Portofino Body Kit LP740 and wheels tuning by LOMA are made from the finest Ferrari carbon fiber on the market to match your OEM Ferrari Portofino interior parts precisely. It is a body kit and wheels tuning that fit seamlessly into the Ferrari Portofino design language, enhancing performance enormously.

Ferrari Portofino Body Kit LP740

See every single part finished in original Ferrari Carbon Fiber.

The Ferrari Portofino Body Kit by LOMA is the missing part that you cant order from the factory.


Our LP740 carbon front lip spoiler creates over 30% more downforce, while the LP740 carbon side panels, with their aerodynamic openings, calm the side air down and direct it sideward the car.


The Ferrari Portofino Body Kit is only complete with the LP740 carbon rear diffuser that stabilizes the rear end of your Ferrari Portofino.