We undercut the stock wheel weight by far, delivered from the factory for your vehicle — the easiest and most beautiful way for more performance.

T-6065 and T-7075 Aluminium


Only at LOMA, we use mostly the high-quality T-6065 aluminum for our wheels! No company in the US, China, or Europe invests in the expensive material for cost reasons. Usually, you get from America and the rest of the world T-6061 aluminum for wheels that are up to 38% softer and cheaper to buy. The wheels' strength is 38% lower, which in turn makes the wall thickness of the spokes and the rim barrel thicker. This leads to a significantly higher weight and less Performance. With potholes and on-track days, these usually bend like chewing gum. That's why none of the manufacturers guarantee the wheels when you go on the racetrack. That's different with us — warranty for race track and road.

It is not surprising that our wheels are the lightest in the industry and are driven for years on Track-days without any damage.

Luxury and Performance = LOMA®

From 99.6 kg (219.5 lbs) down to

7.8 kg (17.1 lbs) per wheel


Our blanks are usually pre-polished, as shown in the picture so that you can get started right away. Each blank usually weighs 99.6 kilograms in 21 inches, to give an example. Our engineers calculate the design, weight, and payload individually for each vehicle model. We achieve values at the absolute motorsport level. The forged wheel's weight depends on the design pattern, the vehicle, and its load capacity. Still, with 100% certainty, we by far undercut any wheel that comes from the factory if made of aluminum.


Here are some examples:


  •    Mercedes AMG GTS 9.8 kg (21.6 lbs) (stock 15.4 kg stock - 33.9 lbs)

  •    Ferrari 488 GTB 9.6 kg (21.1 lbs) (series just under 13.8 kg - 30.4 lbs)

  •    Lamborghini Huracan 9.5 kg (20.9 lbs) (stock 13.4 kg series - 29.5 lbs)


Each of our forged wheels has an unlimited durability guarantee, whether for the road or racetrack.

Noble and Unmistakable

The final finishing of the wheels is a critical topic for us. Not that this would not be common with custom-made products. However, the clientele we serve differs from any other rim manufacturer on the market. We expressly distance ourselves from any bling bling and tuning glitter. The typical LOMA customer does not drive a vehicle with a tuned air suspension that grinds the ground. He attaches importance to level and class. It's just like going on vacation whether I want to have fun on a cheap trip in Mallorca or wish to spend some unforgettable days here with us in Monaco with the people who are close to you.

Both should be seen without scoring, and still, there is a decisive difference. LOMA Forged Wheels are as always and yet like never before.