LOMA MCS TrackSpec®


  • Design: Stealth

  • Color: Satin Beluga Back | Lime Green Sirius

  • Technology: TrackSpec®

  • Limited: Lamborghini only

  • Cap: Floating cap

  • Sizes: 19" | 20" | 21" | 22"

  • Other finishes: On request

  • Regular and Widebody use


Lamborghini Huracan Custom Wheels.

The LOMA Lamborghini Huracan Custom Wheels are born to deliver Performance. All-day, every day.

Lamborghini Huracan Custom Wheels called LOMA MCS TrackSpec® are available for Lamborghini models in 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24-Inches. Lamborghini Huracan custom wheels, with or without a comprehensive body kit, are finished in a beautiful satin Beluga Black with glowing Lime Green Sirius color. Track-days can now be enjoyed without losing the 24-month custom rims warranty.


Lamborghini Huracan wheels are not just simple show-offs. The wheel's shape is based on our Racing models, and it's made for Track-Days and maximum performance delivery. As we call it, an inner barrel glows in fluorescent color and creates a fantastic effect when the rim is in motion. The face is finished in satin Beluga Black and the floating center cap. It creates a visual masterpiece for the human eye. On the inner side, we developed a great glow with our new color Lime Green Sirius called to the most shining star in the night sky, Sirius A.

Every detail screams "lightweight" on the LOMA MCS TrackSpec® Lamborghini Huracan wheels. Our Motorsports heritage is visible in every facet of the brand-new MCS TrackSpec® Technology forged rim. Go decadent and fancy or go with our TrackSpec® technology and enhance the performance of your Huracan.

The LOMA MCS TracSpec® Lamborghini Huracan Wheels can also be used for every Lamborghini Huracan Wide Body Kit on the market. Besides the shown 1-Piece monoblock rim, we offer the same design and technology for 2-Piece & 3-Piece custom wheels with hidden or exposed hardware.


LOMA MCS TrackSpec®

LP580 | LP610 | EVO | Performante | STO


Part Number: MCS TrackSpec® T369-19


Part Number: MCS TrackSpec® T369-20


Part Number: MCS TrackSpec® T369-21


20 x 9,0 on front with a 245/30 R20 & 21 x 12,0 with a 325/25 R21 on the rear.

5-Bolt pattern or center-lock.

For custom sizes please ask.

For tires and OE Lamborghini Tire Pressure Sensors please ask.