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Born to Race



For those with a passion for driving and speed.

Introduced in 2008, LOMA custom mag wheels were designed to meet the demands of professional racing drivers. It is an icon forever joined in name and function to the high-performance world of motorsport. More than 15 years after its creation, the TrackSpec® Mag Wheels remains in a class of its own among sport rims and continues to transcend time.


10 Things You Didn't Know About Mag Wheels.


In the world of car mods, mag wheels are one of the most popular ways to personalize your ride. It's not difficult to see why. With their chrome finish and sharp, extravagant design, mag wheels give any car a unique look that will turn heads. They also have the potential to make your car stand out in other ways as well... Even if you're a car expert, you might be surprised by what you discover in this blog post. We take a look at some lesser-known facts about mag wheels and throw in a few stats for good measure too.



Mag wheels are also known as mags or rims.


Rims and mags are interchangeable terms for the wheel part of a car. Mag is a shortened version of the word "magnum," which was the original name of the wheel style. Rims are what you call the wheel when it's on a car. That's right, mags are rims, and rims are mags. Confusingly, you can also refer to your car's wheels as mags or rims, so be aware of which context you're in.


70% of people buy mag wheels for aesthetics.


The appearance of your car's wheels is the main reason people buy new wheels. Mag wheels are a popular choice for this because they come in all sorts of colors, sizes, and designs. Mag wheels look great on almost any car and can easily be paired with different colors and styles, allowing you to create a custom look for your ride. You can match your wheels to your car's paint job or go for a contrasting color to give your ride a more aggressive look. Mag wheels can provide more than just good looks; they're also known for their strength and quality, although there are a few things to watch out for, as we'll discuss below.


21-inch mag wheels are the most popular size.


The majority of people opt for mag wheels that are 21 inches in diameter. This size is the most popular, and for a good reason. It works with most cars, making it a versatile choice, fitting all sorts of vehicles. For example, if you have a large SUV, you don't want to go for too small wheels, as they'll look out of place. On the other hand, if you have a small and sporty car, larger wheels won't fit and will look ridiculous. 21-inch wheels are the perfect middle ground and look great on many different vehicles. Mag wheel size is measured in diameter and refers to how big the wheel is, how far it sticks out from the hub, and how wide the wheel is. Although wheels that are 21 inches are the most common, you can go bigger or smaller if you want to create a unique look.


Mag wheel colors can be divided into five main groups.


There are a variety of colors available when you shop for mag wheels, but how would you know which ones to choose? Well, the first step is to understand the different available colors. This will help you narrow down your choices, making the process much easier. If you're looking for a subtle change or something to mix things up, you could go for a different shade of the same color as your car. For example, if your car is red, you could go for a shade of orange or a darker red for your wheels. You could also experiment with different colors all together, which is what most people do, opting for something bold and eye-catching. Mag wheel colors can be divided into five main groups, each with its own distinct characteristics.


A set of mag wheels usually costs between $5000 and $8000.


How much do mag wheels cost? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they decide they want to buy them. While the exact price will vary depending on the wheel's size, color, and brand, you can expect to spend between $5000 and $8000 for a set of 21-inch mag wheels. If you go for a costly set of wheels, you might find that you're taking your car's performance to the next level, and you might notice a significant difference in terms of acceleration, braking, and stability.


The age of your current wheels impacts your decision to buy new ones?


If you're wondering when is a good time to buy new mag wheels, the age of your current set might be the only indicator. It's all about performance and prestige. In fact, it shows that eight from 10 new car owners are ordering a brand-new set of forged mag wheels together with their new car. This means you may want to invest in a new set of wheels, especially if you plan to keep your current vehicle for a few more years. If you have old wheels and are looking to buy a new set, you may have the decision to make. Do you go for the same style, or do you go for something completely different? You'll have to decide what you want your new wheels to achieve. Do you want them for looks, or do you want them for strength or a combination of both?


The three main reasons why people buy new mag wheels.


There are several reasons why people buy new mag wheels, with reasons varying depending on whom you ask. There are a few main reasons why people decide to buy this car mod.


Forged Mag Wheels are the most popular car mod.


First, they may want to make their car stand out from the crowd, and a set of new wheels are a great way to do that. There are tons of different designs and styles to choose from, meaning you can get the look you want. This can be especially important if you drive a common car as a way to make it unique.


Mag alloy wheels are an easy car mod.


Buying new wheels is an easy car mod to do and doesn't require any technical skills. This means it can be completed by anyone, even those who aren't mechanically inclined. What's more, buying mag wheels is an affordable car mod, meaning you can invest in them without breaking the bank. This is important because many other car mods are relatively expensive, meaning you may have to save up for months to buy them.


Mag wheels are the ultimate status symbol.


Finally, people buy new wheels because they associate them with status. Mag wheels are a popular car mod that is seen as a status symbol and shows off wealth and success. They're known for being flashy, expensive, and luxurious, which is why they're often associated with the rich and famous.


6 Things You Should Know About Buying Mag Wheels.


If you've decided to buy a new set of mag wheels, you should know a few things before you start shopping.

1. Research is key


First, you should research to know what you want and what you're buying. This means exploring the different styles, designs, and colors available and the materials used. It would help if you also read reviews from other people who have bought the same wheels to get an idea of how they hold up in real life.

2. Make room for your new wheels.


Next, you should check your car for room for new wheels or ask us what we recommend. You don't want to buy a set of wheels with the intention of installing them only to find out that they don't fit.


3. Check the fit


You should check the fit of your new wheels. You don't want your wheels to look great but not spin properly because you didn't take the time to check the fit.


4. Understand the pros and cons of different materials


When you understand the pros and cons of the different materials used to make wheels, you'll be better informed when it comes to your decision.


5. Get the right size.


Next, you should get the right size, and the safest way to do this is to ask us. We bring over 15 years of experience to the table and are manufacturing sizes based on the German TUV database when it comes to sizes for mage wheels and tires. We have over 40,000 cars in our system and over 2 Million different sizes and offsets to choose from.


6. LOMA makes the best mag wheels.


Since 2008, LOMA has been making mag wheels that are born on the race track. Sure, you are not really racing your car, but what withstands the extreme situations in a racing event will last forever on the streets. This way, you know not only that you have the most durable wheels on the market but also those that are being born with a Motorsports DNA.



19" - 26"



19" - 26"



19" - 26"





By using advanced materials, we are able to breath free in our designs. We don't have to compromise in weight and performance. TrackSpec® Mag Wheels by LOMA are built from T-6065 aluminum, and the wheel's architecture allows designs beyond imagination. All our Motorsports experience, failures, and wins brought us to this point.



LOMA is inextricably linked to the world of motor racing. 






We are the only manufacturer in the world using Europe's best T-6065 forged aluminum. It is denser, stiffer, and more durable it allows us to take far more material away while keeping the load higher than necessary. That's why track days don't affect the warranty of your LOMA Mag Wheels.


We understand that you are too busy to spend your time on the racetrack, but owning the feeling to know - I can, if I want, understand only a person that knows how to enjoy life.



Only Official LOMA Retailers are allowed to sell LOMA Wheels. With the necessary skills and technical know-how, they will help you make the choice that will last a lifetime.