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Open Air in the USA and your LOMA GT2 Corvette. Life is good!

The LOMA GT Corvette Widebody is by far, the most famous Corvette Bodykit on the planet. No wonder that after the transformation, the C6 looks better than any other Corvette on the market. Being the one to get the WOW factor and leave people with open mouths when you roll in, is part of the package. Corvette Tuning by LOMA is the thing you want.

From aggressive to super aggressive, all kind of forms have been seen so far on the roads all over the world. It is the passion of Corvette enthusiasts that connects them no matter where they are located. The stance alone of the LOMA GT2 Corvette lets even an Lamborghini Aventador looks small footed. Some of our customers drive a 375 tire by Pirelli on the rear. That should answer many questions you may have. Beside being spectacular, breathtaking and mean, the best thing of this exceptional bodykit is, that it is so easy to install that 9 from 10 customers do that alone in their home garage. Yes you read right, in their home garage.

Open roads and the roof off, while checking the super wide fenders in the mirror is unbeatable.

The forged wheels made by LOMA are another thing that is off the charts. Up to 20x13.0 on the rear is possible. If you want a more civil variant, we offer also a 12.0J wide rim which still not need any spacers. We make the offsets perfectly to the GT2 kit so it will be a proper installation just as you expect it from us.

Time for take-off. LOMA GT2 Corvette.

Last but not least is the performance. 120 millimeters wider axle stance, transforms the C6 into a huge Go-Kart at any speed. The cornering is not from this world but the best is the take off. The 0-to whatever speed you want is so improved that it difficult to describe but let's give it a try. Mix a much much wider stance with super-wide tires and you get all the horsepower of the Corvette to the ground no matter if it is a C6, Z06 or ZR1. Wheel spin is not that easy any more but a bullet like acceleration. Contact us today to get your GT2 kit and start the transformation of your Corvette today.

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