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13 years ago, this was our first Custom Wheel design.

13 years ago, this was our first Custom Wheel design.

13 years ago, this was our first Custom Wheel design finished in Beluga Black gloss and satin Champaign. In fact, the main idea was to create a custom rim that will go along with our C6 Corvette Widebody kit and have such a package for our fans and customers. But then happened something nobody could imagine before. The phone didn't stop ringing for all types of cars. The two men's company's celebration was short as it turned out; an inquiry is not a sale. Welcome to the school of hard knocks.

So we continued our focus on the Corvette market. We made the first customer car in Belgium. The owner Mario Radosavljevic drove himself to help with the installation and check if everything works as planned. Taking the first pictures and videos of this car turned out that the phone again start ringing like crazy, but this time, a money stream was created. Everyone wanted it, so problem number two was born: how, for god's sake, to deliver such quantities. A luxury problem, isn't it?

Since then, the company has had constant growth year after year. Walking through an economic crisis, slandering, internet fights, new products, and bigger production plants. These days are all part of our DNA. Understanding better what the market needs and what works good and what works not so good. 2021 is a fascinating year for the LOMA brand with new investors, new facilities, and new ways the company goes. Stay tuned for what is coming up because one thing on which you can count is, we never stop pushing the boundaries for our automotive aftermarket fashion.

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