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Porsche Macan Aftermarket Wheels with TrackSpec® Technology by LOMA are master-pieces. The Macan sits on the small side of the compact-luxury SUV segment, but it is a definitive counterpoint to the thinking that all utility vehicles are boring to drive. Porsche Macan Aftermarket Wheels are available in 20, 21 and 22-Inch sizes. Excellent performance and unflappable poise, without compromising its day-to-day livability, LOMA offers a 20-Inch and 21-Inch forged wheel version to spice up performance and the overall look. Porsche Macan black rims is what we could call them but, they have a much better and sexier name. LOMA RS-F1 Super Concave Porsche custom forged wheels with a staggering concave profile that will WOW everyone in front of the car.

Porsche Macan Aftermarket wheels in 20,21 and 22-Inches.

The Macan features two available engines—a standard 248-hp turbocharged four-cylinder in the base model and an optional 348-hp turbocharged V-6 in the Macan S - as well as a standard seven-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. For both engines you will have to consider if you want to check the box for 21-Inch alloy wheels or not because, they are pretty pricey as most of the things in the Porsche book. Besides that, it is really boring that every Porsche Macan looks like the other with the only differentiation of the exterior color. LOMA Wheels made Porsche Macan black rims from the best European forged aluminum which is T6065 and so you can expect to get an incredible performance beside the looks. This Porsche Macan wheels are made for the Macan for daily drive-ability and performance. You may think now, Forged, well this cut a hole in my pocket but No, LOMA was able to calculate differently because the offer just this one model and so the sets are starting with $2699 per set of 4. Yes you read right, full European forged wheels for far under 3k.

Porsche Macan Aftermarket Wheels for daily use.

We have yet to test the turbocharged four-cylinder that powers the base Macan, but we have strapped our test gear to the 2019 Macan S with its updated 348-hp twin-turbo V-6. The result is an impressive zero-to-60-mph time of 4.7 seconds, which is not only slightly quicker than before but also speedier than the times posted by both the Audi SQ5 and the Jaguar F-Pace S. This numbers can change too with the Superlight forged wheels from LOMA, because the 20-Inch and the 21-Inch versions are more lightweight than the factory Porsche wheels. One of the key-points that Porsche owner will love is, the Porsche Macan black rims are made to fit the original Porsche center cap. On request, a 24h LOMA Logo center cap can be ordered.

Porsche Macan Aftermarket Wheels deep concave.

Now lets check on the sizes Porsche Macan wheels. We have two options with 20×9,5 ET17 in front and 20×11 ET12 on the rear or 21×9,5 ET17 on front and 21×11 ET12 on the rear. So you can decide if you are the 20-Inch or 21-Inch guy however, the best thing is, the rims are in stock and will be delivered via FedEx or UPS on a daily basis. When it comes to color LOMA does not give here many options, because of the quantity that needs to be done. All Porsche Macan Black rims are anodized black and other colors need to be requested. For questions don't hesitate to email office@lomawheels.com and get more information's.

Porsche Macan Aftermarket Wheels in Beluga Black.


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