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2021 Custom Lamborghini Urus for Sale.

LOMA VENOM 2021 Custom Lamborghini Urus for sale.

The LOMA VENOM 2021 Custom Lamborghini Urus for sale is a piece of Art.

A 2021 Custom Lamborghini Urus for sale is a widespread thing to see. Many companies are taking a hand at it, but very few do not destroy the Lamborghini design language. Here is a 2021 Lamborghini Urus for sale that looks super special without replacing half of the car. Most Lamborghini Urus body kits require cutting out pieces of your Urus and then glue the new parts on it. Decide yourself what weird idea that is but let's look at some facts. You already have a carbon package from the factory. You also have the wider fenders from the factory. The thing that pops out right from the start is the wheel package and the suspension. Using the stock 23-Inch Lamborghini tires with the new LOMA VENOM TrackSpec® custom wheels and the airmatic suspension upgrade, and the Urus looks like a monster. Apropos monster: with a chip-tuning upgrade, downpipes, and a new sport-exhaust, the Lamborghini SUV is making now staggering 725 HP's and sounds like a Tornado that just placed himself right above you.

2021 Custom Lamborghini Urus for sale wheels.

What all about the LOMA TrackSpec® Technology? It is the fact that our Racing heritage influences every single product we design and produce, and this allows you as an owner of a supercar to race your car on weekends and have unlimited fun while still enjoying the 24-month warranty we give you on your Lamborghini aftermarket parts.

The VENOM Lamborghini Urus wheels are available in a beautiful satin Beluga Black finish or Liquid Titanium, a kind of smoke gray color, to name just a view. When it comes to sizes, LOMA rims can order the rims in 22, 23, or even 24-Inches depending on the purpose of use and for sure also the roads in the area you live. The 2021 custom Lamborghini Urus for sale wheels are also available as a two or 3-piece version with visible or hidden hardware. Contact us today to discuss your bespoke options and order from us or directly at your local Lamborghini dealership.

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2021 Custom Lamborghini Urus for sale wheels in satin Beluga Black.

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