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3 Piece Custom Forged Wheels that are Masterpieces.

3 Piece Custom Forged Wheels that are Masterpieces.

Masterpieces with the Love of details make them the most adorable 3 Piece Custom Forged Wheels on the market today.

3 Piece Custom Forged Wheels that are Masterpieces by LOMA are wrapped in timeless designs and covered with breathtaking finishes. The play with an anodized center cap and a machine powder coated center-piece while both colors are satin Beluga Black turns these 3 piece custom forged wheels that are masterpieces in, and I want exactly that. What you see here is an evolution, not a revolution. Imagine 13 years of daily work and testing and failure that leads our designers and decision-makers to the point where they say, and this is it now. LOMA Wheels did thousands of tests in different light environments to understand the new color and let it look alive! I don't think it is just a unique color. It is a process of combining many different techniques to achieve this look which we cannot tell you the secrete here. Still, so much, the rims get first polished, then anodized, and then machine powder coated. In between, we have a couple of more steps that create the color SATIN BELUGA BLACK.

3 Piece Custom Forged Wheels that are Masterpieces with endless details.

There are many 3 Piece Custom Forged Wheels in this hemisphere, but there is only one LOMA design.

It looks satin, it looks liquid, it looks shiny, but it also somehow matt. Your senses get sparkled with so many impressions at the same time. For us, making rims is an art, not a production process. This is one reason why the LOMA Group decided to create masterpieces in the high price segment and make them rare and not achievable for anyone. LOMA wheels are made for exclusive individuals that appreciate our philosophy and products. At this very moment, LOMA is creating around 12,000 single rims per year, and imagine the passion of our employees that are checking every single one of them as we would produce only four boundaries per year. No mass products from our brand. Signature wheels for exclusive individuals since 2008.

3 Piece Custom Forged Wheels that are Masterpieces ready to be driven.

3 Piece Custom Forged Wheels that are almost too good to be used.

This is the most noticed feedback we get from our customers when they get their custom rims delivered — inviting friends and neighbors to see them, touch them, and feel them. We are often asked if we are sure if those rims that they ordered are strong enough to withstand the daily usage because they are so surprised by the Superlight construction. We remind them gently of their 24-month wheel structure warranty that is also valid if they go and race their car with the new rims daily. If it withstands the racetrack, daily driving is a piece of cake. Born with from our heritage and therefore born with our Motorsports DNA.

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3 Piece Custom Forged Wheels that are Masterpieces jewelry.

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