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Aftermarket Wheels for Mercedes SL500.

Aftermarket Wheels for Mercedes SL500.

Aftermarket Wheels for Mercedes SL500 is what you will find at LOMA. Not only that, but we also offer our world-famous TrackSpec® Technology that allows you to have fun with your aftermarket wheels for Mercedes SL500 without losing the 24-month warranty. There was a time when the Mercedes SL was the king of its class. It was too bad that Mercedes did not maintain this image any longer, so it was a bit quiet around the open-air cabriolet. The SL-Class contains the flair of enjoying yourself while driving with a smooth and comfortable air-suspension that will bring you wherever you want. In this case, the owner enjoys precisely that but wanted a bit of sportiness for his SL. We equipped the Merc with a set of LOMA RS1 Superlight wheels in Beluga Black. On the front, we now have a 20" x 9.0 on 255/30 ZR20, and on the rear, a 20" x 10.0 with 295/25 ZR20. How does it look? Well, decide for yourself, but in our opinion, much better than stock and for sure better than the new AMG wheels that look mass manufactured. Mercedes AMG Tuning at LOMA means to bespoke your car how you like it, and we have plenty of forged wheels designs to choose from. Contact us today to get your set and transform your Mercedes as you wish for such a long time.

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