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Audi R8 Wheels Rims in 19, 20, 21 or 22-Inches with the LOMA TrackSpec® Technology are made for your track-day. The good news is, you still keep your 24-month warranty on your Audi R8 Wheels Rims. Grab a look at this Matt grey Audi R8 V10 monster. Modified to 900 horsepower it looks like made for a war case and not for the streets! The engine modification is off the charts and be sure, it was not just a simple chip tuning thing. Bigger turbos and many other modifications where necessary, to gain this substantial power without compromising the daily usability. Speaking daily usability, it is for sure not a car any more to go twice a day to the groceries, except you want to crack the shop windows with your exhaust sound.

Audi R8 Wheels with TrackSpec® Technology.


That this kind of power needs exceptional forged wheels, not a question but a fact. That LOMA Wheels is making the most lightweight and most substantial custom wheels globally, is known for over a decade. LOMA Group CEO Mario Radosavljevic said: " if we give our customers the full warranty on our forged wheels to drive them on a race track, why should we stop if our customers modify their engines?"

In this case, we are talking about LOMA Berlinetta Superlight wheels made as a 2-piece version. Timeless rim-lines, which fits the Audi design language perfectly. Handling that kind of power and having a weight of under 11 kilograms on the front and under 12 kilograms on the rear while having a full warranty to race them is causing sleepless nights in the wheels industry. Audi Tuning is not only changing parts and look for the best bargain because you did not buy the Audi R8 at the lowest price on the market. Why add features to the car that are in quality far below the factory part? What sense does this make? If you are right to yourself, you know that it is impossible to change something on your R8 worth half the price but should have better specs than the original one. Come on, you know it. Technology, Experience, Material, and Performance are not cheap. Otherwise, you can start comparing American stock cars to LeMans racers. If you do that, please leave this site immediately. Contact us today if you know that your Audi R8 deserves the best-forged wheels on the market.

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