Audi RS5 Custom Wheels.

Updated: Jan 12

Audi RS5 Custom Wheels with TrackSpec® Technology.

Audi RS5 Custom Wheels with the LOMA TrackSpec® Technology will make your Audi RS5 faster because of the super lightweight construction. All our Audi RS5 custom wheels are available for Audi, RS3, RS4, RS5, RS6, RS7 and older models in 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22-Inches. Marked with our " Black Carbon Badge " you will see on the first sight, that these custom wheels are something special. The design language of the AUD RS models is regularly very filigree and shows beautifully the famous Audi brake system and at LOMA we decided to follow this and not to change if the look should be very sportive. In general, you can decide very easy what is the right direction to go if you choose from two different types. Number one would be, very sportive and aggressive. Making no mistake what type of owner drives this RS. The second one would be a more sportive elegant rim if you are the type to feel more comfortable with it. Not every rim design fits every owner. Have in mind that the rim design presents you, not the car. Every single detail screams "lightweight" on the LOMA SP1-SL TrackSpec® Audi Custom Wheels. We don't hide our heritage and that is why you see the 24H logo on our center caps for. The LOMA® Design department sits in Monte Carlo, Monaco which is not only the most luxurious place on the planet, but everything here is thinking only one thing - Racing. Besides the famous Formula One or the Rally Monte Carlo, several racing events such as the Porsche Cup is held here. Imagine such a small place that is changing the city landscape constantly for racing events! No wonder that racing is here the number one theme to talk about. It's in our mindset and our DNA. We are here for a reason.

On top of it, you get a "Black Carbon Badge" engraved with a custom logo, word or sign. Lasering carbon fiber without killing the structure is the know-how of the LOMA® Group that nobody else mastered yet.

Audi RS5 Custom Wheels with TrackSpec® Technology in Competition Gunmetal.
Audi RS5 Custom Wheels like second to none. LOMA® Wheels.


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