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Bentley Bentayga 24 Custom Wheels.

Bentley Bentayga 24 Custom Wheels.

Bentley Bentayga 24 Inch Custom Forged Wheels for big boys.

Bentley Bentayga 24 Custom Wheels in satin dust silver are coming with LOMA´s famous TrackSpec® Technology which means, you can track the rims or go off-road at any given time while still enjoying your 24-month wheel warranty. Bentley Bentayga 24 Custom Wheels should be as exclusive as the Bentayga itself and so there is no way around LOMA. The Bentayga is the first Bentley SUV — also the world's first true luxury SUV. Launched in 2015, Bentayga was named after the Roque Bentayga, on the island of Gran Cananria, Spain, and was designed, engineered and crafted to offer unprecedented levels of refinement and performance. Bentayga was created after consultation with Bentley owners and meticulous research to ensure this new model included the luxurious features and dynamic drive experience one expects of a Bentley. Yes, these days there are so many SUV’s that is hard to have a complete overview on who, where and sometimes also why but the LOMA Bentayga looks like nothing else. It comes with a presence that even the Queen would consider switching from the Bentley Mulsanne to the Bentayga.

Custom Bentley Bentayga 24 Wheels.

This modern SUV’s exterior features a muscular powerline — the sharply-defined crease that draws your eye from the front wheel along the side of the car It is complimented by a B-shaped wing vent, extensive brightware and large, impressive wheels which add a level of striking detail. LOMA creates a Bentley custom forged wheel named SUPERFLOW. It is a timeless masterpiece that underlines the design language of the Bentley but makes it at the same time, very distinctive and luxurious. It makes the car look special rather than looking like a tuning car. In 22 × 10,5 with 285/40/22 or 305/35/22 is the Bentayga on Bentley Custom Wheels like no other. Power needs control and beside the driver, our rim and tire combination will do the job.

Perfectly stanced Bentley Bentayga 24 Wheels.

The Bentley Airmatic Suspension by LOMA deserves a separate Blog but let's mention it here shortly. Adjustable by 70 mm, the Bentayga can have the look you always wanted. No crazy modules where wires need to be cut or the ECM (computer) needs to be tricked, simply a mechanical solution that keeps the ride comfort and gives you the freedom to adjust the car at any given time to the height you wish.

Conclusion: LOMA Bentley Custom Forged Wheels and the Bentley airmatic suspension are for the Gentleman that loves to drive his car on a daily basis without compromise. No matter if you are on the way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for the next UFC event, or you are rolling down the strip in Monte Carlo, Monaco — your LOMA Bentley delivers always.


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