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Bentley Continental GT Rims.

Bentley Continental GT Rims by LOMA.

LOMA Custom forged Bentley Continental GT alloy rims in 22-Inches are killing it.

LOMA's Bentley Continental GT Rims are second to none because they are built with the unique TrackSpec® Technology. This means that your Bentley Continental GT Rims are ready to be driven on the track with your V8S or GT Speed without losing the 24-month wheels warranty. That is not unique in the world but also a true statement, how confident we are in our quality. The LOMA Blackforce One is a forged wheel that is immediately recognizable as the LOMA wheel. Therefore it displays its uniqueness and exclusivity. We offer this beautiful masterpiece for all Bentley models in 20, 21, or 22-Inches.

Bentley Continental GT Rims Blackforce One in satin Beluga Black.

This Second Generation Bentley Continental GT Speed is standing on 22-Inch wheels just as available for the newest third generation but with the difference that they are unique and bespoke and not a mass product. It is purely incredible how many options you can get when it comes to the interior when ordering your new GT but very views on the exterior. It is by far not that opulent as when you visit your Rolls-Royce dealer who needs nearly a full day to discover what you can order for your Wraith or Ghost. This shows clearly that the focus by Bentley is mainly on the interior. Well, thank you for that, guys, but some of us want the car outside as unique as inside. LOMA has a long tradition in modifying carefully luxury and sports-cars without disturbing the Bentley design language. Not too concave and not too crazy because we do not want a fantastic tuning-show car. Still a gentleman but with the particular note of sportiness.

Bentley GT Rims with concave profile.

The Blackforce One Bentley Wheels' beauty is that it is a timeless design while not disturbing the Bentley line. Everything is in harmony, and that was and is our goal. Please don't make a mistake about it, we can crazy too but not with this car. Sometimes less is perfect. Contact us today to discuss your bespoke ideas and finishes giving your exterior the final touch.

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