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Bentley Continental GT Speed Walkaround and Review.

Bentley Continental GT Speed Walkaround and Review.

A Bentley GT Speed for daily driving.

Bentley Continental GT Speed Walkaround and Review of possibly the sexiest GT in the game. Without using any crazy Bentley GT Body kit or eye-bleeding wrapping, this GT is made for the Gentlemen, YouTuber, or even the stereotype football player from Chelsea. A Bentley Continental GT Speed Walkaround and Review usually contain tons of info about the car and stuff. Still, I think the internet covered this more than enough, so let's just lean back and enjoy this creation by LOMA Wheels.

Did you know: From its creation, the “Winged B” logo was ahead of its time.

This may sound odd when considering it’s simply a hood ornament. Still, even back during its inception, the company was thinking way ahead. This design was chosen as it was intended to keep the counterfeiters away. Nowadays, counterfeiting is all the rage, but Bentley recognized that success brings with it the envious. If you look closely at the ornament, you will see an odd number of feathers on each wing. This is no longer a secret, but the original hope was that forgers would overlook this detail.

LOMA BlackforceOne Forged Wheels in 22-Inches.

Bentley had a boss who was also a playboy.

Woolf Barnato was both wealthy and a playboy whose number one way of having fun was racing cars. Wolff would run at the Le Mans three times in his lifetime, win all three, and then take over as CEO from W. O. Bentley once Rolls-Royce would take over the company. You see, it's a widespread misunderstanding that a Bentley driver must always be wearing a suit and act like a Wallstreet banker. By far not. Most wealthy Bentley owners are wearing casual fashion, which is expensive, like brands from Louis Vuitton and Hermes. Still, the main factor is, having fun and enjoying life.

Therefore it is no wonder that Bentley GT Tuning is more and more popular in 2021 as most owners feel the Bentley factory missed sportiness when it comes to aesthetics. Just painting numbers of the front grill and adding a story to it is not what fits our days. The same will be valid for the ridiculous bucket seats in a Bentley Superspeed or GT3-R. What nonsense is this? From the outside, it looks nearly 1 to 1 besides the ugly rear wing that looks like it mounted in China. Then they put you in a car that is as heavy as a mid-size Elephant and want you to enjoy the car. Sure. We don't know what the CEO or marketing director from Bentley is smoking, but that's not what customers want, and numbers prove us right.

Perfect look for Monte Carlo, Monaco.

What problem wants the Bentley customer solved?

That is something only a Bentley owner can answer. As the LOMA Group owner Mario Radosavljevic would say, " a lot of other things than the guys in Crewe think, "and he should know it after years of spending with this brand.

When it comes to sportiveness, it should be rims that are available in bigger sizes, like 22-Inches for the Generation 2 models and 23 or 24-Inches for the Generation 3 models. An option is to lower the car more and let the customer decide if he wants to use it. Yes, the UK streets are bad and bumpy but guess what, planet earth is not the UK. Many other countries are enjoying passable roads and would like to have an optical enhancement because a lowered car looks worlds better, period.

Special inside and outside.

Driving years on 22-Inches without problems while Bentley says No.

And there you Go. In our opinion, had the mother company Audi given Bentley too much autonomy in terms of deciding what is suitable for the brand or not. Instead of using more Audi technology to update the car, the first and second-generation uses VW parts in a vehicle beyond $200,000, which is ridiculous. Besides that, they are missing the new age that customers want. Don't think so? Ok, let me explain.

See what Audi is doing with the RS6, for example? A community is built around this car. They treat the RS6 as a visitor from another planet. Performance, technics, and optics are updated with every model. Tell me that this GT Speed does not look worlds better than stock! Since April of 2016, on the "bumpy" roads in Monte Carlo, Monaco on 22-Inches and no problems. Not only that, the car is massively lowered to the ground and looks sharp as a tack.

While Bentley still says a 22-Inch option does not work for the Second Generation, the aftermarket is laughing and selling tons of rims and lowering packages to customers worldwide. Think about it.