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Bentley Continental GT Tuning by LOMA comes for the rims with the famous TrackSpec® Technology and for the ECU or Chip-Tuning-Box with up to 700 HP´s plus. Bentley Continental GT Tuning by LOMA contains also an exhaust system with and an H-Pipe with high-flow cats that makes an extra power sound and tons of torque. It is one of these moments where you look at a car and you see and feel that everything is just perfect. So is this LOMA Bentley Continental GT Speed. It starts with the exterior color that is called " Royal Ebony " and continues until you list the last Bentley aftermarket part made by LOMA Wheels. If you’re interested in some very special numbers, here are a few big ones: 635 hp and 820 Nm (620 lb-ft) of torque. Available as a coupe or convertible, the Speed has all-wheel drive, an eight-speed automatic, a specially tuned chassis, exterior refinements, and a lavish interior. This is a bit of a cold description of what this car is all about but let's say, the more emotional part is coming now.

Bentley GT Tuning Power Chip Tuning Box with up to 730 HP´s.

A Bentley GT like no other

From the moment your hands grasp the Continental GT Speed’s sport steering wheel, you’re aware you’re taking control of Bentley’s ultimate two-door coupé. The twin-turbo engine produces an awe-inspiring 472 kw (635 PS) and 820 Nm of torque yet, thanks to the variable power assisted steering — which provides increased economy and reduced emissions — the drive remains precise through the most demanding corner. So far so good.

The LOMA Bentley GT Speed in the second Generation, is becoming a beautiful update in form of a sportier air-suspension and staggering 22-Inch custom forged wheels. LOMA created a wheel design specially for supercars with an outstanding name — BLACKFORCE ONE. The wheels are made out of European T6065 forged aluminum and are the most lightweight made custom rims in the wheels industry. Another special at LOMA is the finish. First you get them anodized and then you get them power-coated. The reason for this is simple according to LOMA Group CEO Mario Radosavljevic. The Tuner says: when we anodize the rims first we have two advantages that play a big role in our production philosophy. First, the forged rims are usable all year even in the hardest winter conditions with tons of salt on the streets. Anodizing means first, protecting the forged aluminum from any possible corrosion. Secondly, the anodizing process compresses the aluminum in its core and creates therefore a super-smooth surface which is perfect for the powder-coating process to get a perfect finish for your custom rims. Our Beluga Black option is for a reason the most ordered color from our wealthy customers. LOMA forged wheels are like nothing else you will see in the industry. It is simply something we do since 2008 and like with everything else, when you do something on a daily basis, you will become an expert and the results can't be copied that easy.

Bentley GT Tuning lowering kit for the air suspension.


While the new Bentley Continental GT can be ordered with 22-Inch wheels, Bentley does not offer this spec for the second generation. Something LOMA changes in a second. The factory mounted 21 x 10,0 rims all around with 275/35 tires. The LOMA Blackforce One are coming a bit bigger to enhance the sportive character of the GT.

Staggering 22 × 10,0 on the front with 265/30 and 22 × 11,5 with 315/25 Pirelli P Zero tires on the rear. Yes you are right, the Bentley GT is an all-wheel-drive but it is not like the mother company Audi that is made with 50 to 50 power ration on front and rear. The GT is a real racer with 40 percent on front and 60 percent on the rear. This fact is using LOMA to mount different sizes on front and rear. It gives a far better precision at high-speed-corners and creates tons of more grip on the rear with the sticky 315-Pirelli P Zeros. In combination with LOMA's air-suspension, the car does not only look super cool, but handles like a race car. About 7% less comfort if lowered to the end but about 93% better handling at high-speed. The beauty in this aftermarket air-suspension is, that you can adjust the height up to 70 millimeters.

Bentley GT Tuning Sport Exhaust System with high-flow cats.

Luxury Car meets Luxury Wheels.

A car that looks like born in Adobe Photoshop but nothing better than reality. The Bentley GT is since introduced back in the days, the most luxurious sports GT of all time, period and so are LOMA forged wheels. You will never see LOMA wheels on a VW on a Tuning Show or similar and when you ask the average working person if he heard about LOMA, 8 out of 10 will say, I never heard about them. We say, Good. LOMA Wheels are for the Gentleman that recognizes this difference right from the start. If abundance is what your life is all about, LOMA is a normal but yet special accessory for you.


LOMA became famous first for the engine packages before anything else. So it is clear that there is also a package for the Bentley GT too. The Stage 1 Chip Tuning enhances 15% more power for the W12 Bi-turbo Speed engine and gets so 730 HP without any further modification. So if you choose to the get also the LOMA X-Pipe (down-pipe) that removes the resonator and have 2 sports-cats instead of 4-cats, plus the valve sport-exhaust-system, you can count around 770 HP's. The Stage 1 package will have 940 Nm of torque and needless to say how that will Go.

A Stage 2 package with over 820 horses is available too for those that have the need to fear Lambo drivers in their area. Count on some 1000 Nm plus, and we will report this in a separate blog for you. Contact us today to discuss what your package should look like.


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