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Bentley GT Speed stanced on 22-Inch LOMA Blackforce One Custom Wheels.

To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.

Bentley GT Speed stanced on 22-Inch LOMA Blackforce One Custom Wheels finished in satin Beluga Black not only separates this GT from the rest but adds so much more value to it. First and almost, according to Bentley, a 22-Inch size for the second Generation is not possible. Well, we proved them wrong. The air-ride-suspension works perfectly with the 315/25/22 Pirelli P Zero tires. This Bentley GT Speed stanced on 22-Inch LOMA Blackforce One Custom Wheels is a daily driver period. What makes it even more unique is that even though the tire wall shrank down to an incredible 25, the ride comfort did change just minimal. We are talking here of a Bentley that had also received a suspension upgrade and is lowered now more than two Inches! Will you feel the difference on bumpy roads? Yes, you will. Is it uncomfortable? Not a single second. Bentley's air suspension is known as one of the most sophisticated in the industry, and don't forget, this Baby here has even stiffer dampers because it is a Speed version.

20 years ago, you can have the argument that a Bentley GT should not be that sportive, but let's take a closer look at what Bentley itself is doing. First, the new Generation 3 models are already coming with a 22-Inch wheel version, and guess what? The dampers are precisely the same as in the Generation 2 models. Therefore no difference. Secondly, Bentley is launching models like the V8S that sound and drive like a Hooligan. You see yourself, even Bentley understood that driving your Bentley like you celebrate your 99th Birthday does not fit into 2021 anymore. You can do it, but the clientele is getting younger, and they want more. Even Rolls-Royce-Cars understood this and created the Black Badge versions that are more sportive and aggressive-looking. Guess why?

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