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Bentley Mulsanne Custom Forged Wheels.

Bentley Mulsanne Custom Forged Wheels.

Awesome looking Bentley Mulsanne with LOMA Custom Forged Wheels.

Bentley Mulsanne Custom Forged Wheels in 22-Inches or in 24-Inches? That depends entirely on what you prefer. Bentley Mulsanne custom forged wheels are also equipped without a floating cap that can be manufactured with the LOMA or the Bentley logo. If you are struggling because of the comfort you may lose, be sure that with the air-suspension you have, you will feel only a slight difference, if any. All Bentley Mulsanne wheels rims in 22 or 24-Inches have more or less the same tire height, and the rubber itself is very soft from the very start. So the question is more, how I want to present myself in public. Both versions are simply stunning.

Bentley Mulsanne Custom Forged Wheels MCS front.

Pure luxury from every angle. The Bentley Mulsanne with LOMA Monte Carlo Star forged wheels in 22-Inches is screams Opulence at the highest tone. We mounted on the front 22×9.5 and 22×10.0 on the rear, so we have a lovely look at the fact that this luxury baby can be driven daily on every kind of road condition. Fans and customers already know that LOMA uses as the only company in the world of European forged aluminum that is made out of T6065 and bad roads create just a little smile on these forged rims. One of the highlights is the floating cap that can be delivered with the Bentley logo or the LOMA Monaco design. Matching the Mulsanne's exterior in Beluga Black, these forged wheels are off the charts. Did you know that the paint finish's quality on every single LOMA wheel is applied, checked, and inspected by hand? Well, now you know. Contact us today to get your LOMA wheels and tires set and get so your Bentley Tuning right.

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Bentley Mulsanne Custom Forged Wheels MCS side.

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