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Black Rolls Royce Dawn Custom Wheels.


Black Rolls Royce Dawn Custom Wheels on 23-Inch LOMA MCS TrackSpec® is a pure show-stopper.

Black Rolls Royce Dawn Custom Wheels by LOMA are more than ordinary forged wheels. They are a symbol of wealth for the wealthy. For example, your black Rolls Royce Dawn custom wheels could be even further individualized like this one here by matching your Dawn's interior color. This car is equipped with a 1000% WOW factor, and that's not easy because the Rolls-Royce Dawn itself is born with opulence. Satin Beluga Black for the rims and a lovely shining Orange as accent is a cherry on top. On the front, the Dawn is now rolling LOMA MCS TrackSpec® on 23x10,5 and 275/30 R23 and the rear with 23x12,0 and 315/25 R23 Pirelli tires. For those that live in areas with bumpy roads, we recommend the 22-Inch version we offer. Notice the beautiful floating center cap made with pure love to the detail. Hand-painted LOMA letters are just one example of how much effort we put into our products exclusively to create something you can proudly call yours. LOMA custom wheels are integrated into the Rolls-Royce design language without disturbing anything from any angle.

Black Rolls Royce Dawn Custom Wheels in satin Beluga Black.

We are sure that you noticed that the Rolls-Royce Dawn is lowered here, and of course, it looks much better; and No, it does not affect the ride quality at all. The LOMA suspension upgrades for your Dawn are integrated into your luxurious Dawn without cutting cable or ad ridiculous modules. They are adjustable with +/-70 mm in height, and even then, the car is on the road and not on a lift in your workshop. That is the beauty in all. You have the freedom to drive bespoke LOMA aftermarket parts without compromising your daily plan. Contact us today to discuss your customized options and if you also have a Cullinan, make sure to check the options for this one out.

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Masterpieces made by LOMA.
A double concave profile gives a unique depth and the light sparkles all over the place.

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