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Blackforce One Lamborghini Urus on 22 Inch Custom Wheels.

Blackforce One Lamborghini Urus on 22 Inch Custom Wheels.


The Blackforce One Lamborghini Urus on 22 Inch custom wheels looks incredible. What scenery! The Lamborghini Urus has found a new home all over the planet, and so no wonder, you see him also here in the Czech Republic, Prague. This ancient city reinforces the Urus's sound when accelerating thru the tinny streets. So you can be sure to have the extra attention besides the Stealth look the Lambo already have. The Urus' modern lines with the ancient architecture in the back are worth looking at it all day long. Just in this kind of scenery, you see even better how modern the design language of the Lambo is as, in our times, you get very quickly used to it. It's difficult to say if it is an SUV or a Supercar, but that's, I guess, the point why it is called the SSUV — Super Sport Utility Vehicle.


Back to the forged wheels and the rest of the Lamborghini Tuning. That the Monte Carlo Star rims sell like crazy is known all over the wheels industry. So you find it already not only on Rolls Royce Cars or Bentley’s but also on the Lamborghini Urus as well. Does it always have to be bigger? Hell No, but it should be classy for sure. The Monte Carlo Star forged wheels are for the Gentlemen, not for the racer. For people who don't poke all around them and say, did you know, this Urus is mine. It is for the person that enjoys owning it, even if he would be the only one in the world knowing it. The MCS rims are so beautiful in their design that we call them a hybrid between super classy and sportive. The center cap is floating, which gives the optics of a center lock wheel but with a blue-blooded flair. Otherwise, it will be like you give Mike Tyson a bloody knife in its hands to make sure you will be scared of him. What's the point of that? The Urus is like Mike Tyson in his prime. No need for a bloody knife at all. You can't scream more aggressiveness out than the Urus has already in his DNA. But for sure, you can go quickly over the top, except you are one of these guys that drive a golden-wrapped car through London or Monaco. Then we apologize, Not.

Made in Germany with T6065 European aluminium. A black carbon badge is as unique as our quality.

We offer you the Monte Carlo Star in 21, 22, and 23-Inches, depending on what you are looking for. With our lowering links, you will have to our opinion the best look in 22-Inches but, that's your decision.