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BMW M5 Custom Forged Rims.

BMW M5 Custom Forged Rims.

Is the M5 faster with LOMA´s BMW M5 Custom Forged Rims TrackSpec® Technology?

BMW M5 custom forged rims in 20, 21 and 22-Inches by LOMA are equipped with the famous RS1 TrackSpec® Technology. This means that you can have fun on your track-days with your BMW M5 custom forged rims without loosing your 24-month warranty. Is it astounding that you want more power and more performance in your BMW M5? Not really, as how much is enough? With full intention this customer did not choose the M5 Competition but instead took the “normal” one and made some serious modifications. First more power. With 692 Horsepower this M5 is going wild now. Faster than his Competition brother and far louder. Reducing the unsprung mass was the second goal and if we speak about lightweight alloy wheels, nothing beats LOMA forged wheels. The RS1 Superlight rims in Beluga Black do not only look gorgeous, but are also around 10 kilograms in weight per piece. To bring this performance down to the street, some Michelin Sport tires were mounted to make this job done. Lowering the suspension with sport springs was the last point on the bucket list and even though that it makes the comfort a bit uncompromising, the look and the handling is unbeatable. To make your BMW M5 Tuning the proper way, contact us today to discuss your performance package and enhance the true character of your Bimmer.

BMW M5 Custom Forged Rims RS1 Superlight front.

Here som facts of the BMW M5: Of its many stand-out features, it’s the new M5 xDrive four-wheel drive powertrain that really sets the 2018 M5 apart from its predecessors. For many BMW owners, the brand’s trademark rear-wheel drive handling has been venerated with an almost religious fervor, but the latest 592bhp M5 has so much power that four driven wheels are the only way to get it onto the tarmac. The new M5 also features an automatic transmission that’s said to be more robust than its predecessor’s dual-clutch set-up, but shift times are comparable.

The latest car’s engine is a development of the twin-turbo V8 in the last model, and in standard form matches the power output the previous generation car had in its limited edition ‘M5 Competition Pack’ spec. You can specify a similar Competition upgrade on the new M5 though, which lifts power to the heady heights of 617bhp as well bringing suspension tweaks, different 20-inch alloy wheels and some extra badges.

BMW M5 Custom Forged Rims RS1 Superlight side.


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