BMW M5 TUNING BODY KIT. Are 710 HP to smoke some tires?

Updated: Jan 9

BMW M5 TUNING BODY KIT. Are 710 HP to smoke some tires?

Wolf in sheep's clothing

BMW M5 Tuning Body Kit with the RS1-SL aftermarket custom wheels have the famous TrackSpec® Technology by LOMA. A BMW M5 Tuning Body Kit makes even other 5-Series look great. Of course only the total package with BMW aftermarket custom wheels and a lowered suspension kit makes a car look like nothing else. The BWM M5 is one of Germany’s most known export cars and so no wonder you find also one here on the border to Monaco in Beausoleil, France. While BMW claims that the car have 600 horsepower, it turns out after hitting the dyno that this not correct. This particular M5 had 631 horses and after a BMW chip-tuning and some sport exhaust modifications, the dyno shows slightly more than 710 horsepower. Well that is more than enough to smoke some tires on a daily basis.

BMW M5 Tuning Body Kit with TrackSpec® Technology by LOMA.

The most lightweight custom forged wheels in the industry

The 20-Inch BMW Wheels were not enough for the client, and we understand the point. They look far to small for the car, especially if not lowered like in this case. Really mind-blowing is the LOMA RS1 Superlight forged wheels Special Edition for the BMW M5 in 21"x 9,5 on the front and 21"x 11,0 on the rear. Those concave wheels are medium concave on the front and really deep concave on the rear which makes the M5 look like a widebody and this my friends, cant be wrong. Beautifully finished in Piano gloss black, the rims are matching all other gloss black parts perfectly. Apropos Superlight, the front wheel is below 10 Kilogram (22 pounds) and the rear one is below 11 Kilogram (24,2 pounds) which is unheard in the wheels industry when you consider having a full warranty on the rims even if raced!

BMW M5 Tuning Body Kit with TrackSpec® Technology Concave Wheels.

Distinctive look and Pure BMW Performance

No matter how much more power you put into your BMW M5, at the end of the day it is also reducing unsprung mass and a stunning optics. Contact us today to get a quote for your M5.


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