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BMW X7 22 Inch Custom Wheels.

BMW X7 22 Inch Custom Wheels with TrackSpec® Technology.

BMW X7 22 Inch Custom Wheels are bringing the X7 to the next luxury level.

BMW X7 22 Inch Custom Wheels and BMW X7 Custom Wheels by LOMA Wheels are coming with a floating cap just as you know it from the luxury brand Rolls-Royce and will give a unique look you are looking for. It is available for BMW X7 models in 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24-Inches. BMW X7 22 Inch Custom Wheels & BMW X7 Custom Wheels are backed up with a full 24-month warranty for finish and the material structure. Sure, probably you will never drive your X7 on a racetrack, but isn't it nice to know you could if you want? The BMW X7 is also made for off-road fun, and how likely is it to spend your free time in the mud? But it's great to know that you could if you want. Whatever your decision is, your LOMA MCS is with you on your journey. Our unique structure warranty covers any activity. Our clients are requesting more often than not to have the same rims for winter use, and here is the good news. We have them also in 20 and 21-Inches. You can have your pair for the summer in 22, 23, or 24-Inches and switch when you need them to go for a skiing weekend.

BMW X7 22 Inch Wheels in Diamond Cut.

Regarding the finish. Not everyone likes black wheels, and not everyone is a fan of silver rims. That is why we have an extensive palette of colors like the Diamond Cut Finish, satin Beluga Black, or Liquid Silver. Whatever your personal preference is, we have it for you; so much is clear. Driving classy and in style while having the perfect sportive touch is what LOMA will give you and your car. Dynamic from every angle, just as your BMW X7 is. Contact us today to discuss your bespoke design for your X7.

See the LOMA Google Reviews here and the LOMA onsite customer reviews here.

BMW X7 22 Inch Wheels sportive elegance.


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