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Tesla Model S Custom Forged Wheels.

Tesla Model S Custom Forged Wheels.

The Tesla Model S custom forged wheels look from the outside like a family sedan and perfect for shopping at your local groceries. While the shopping thing is right for the Tesla Model S custom forged wheels, it is far from being a typical family sedan. With an acceleration of some whopping 2.4 seconds from 0-100 kph (0-60 mph), this car lets no doubt what it's capable of. The quickest acceleration of any production sedan on earth by far. This one here tuned by Turbozentrum Berlin in Germany has some mind-blowing 1000 electrified horses in its body. What they can do, is what we will find out here!

Lowered and ready to spread some fear on the street.

The acceleration can be described in just two words - Brute Force! Honestly, it is difficult to explain to a person who never drove a Tesla or was a passenger how this car accelerates. We are talking about the factory car. To explain how this car with nearly double the power is going forward is almost impossible. Still, it can be described as the acceleration process at Spaceballs with " Ridiculous Speed. "

The car received a new set-up for the suspension to handle this massive power and was lowered 35 millimeters.

The LOMA Berlinetta forged wheels in 21-Inches are just perfect for this Beast.

One of the biggest challenges was creating a wheel that can withstand brute power when accelerating without adding endless weight to the spokes and making the wheel super heavy. So the guys from Turbozentrum were working closely with us to create a new standard for this kind of Tesla Tuning while choosing an existing style. After nearly 3 months, we can say that we made 21-Inch forged wheels with a weight of under 11 kilograms and can withstand any acceleration orgy from this Tesla monster. Nobody in the wheels industry is capable of doing this. We can because this is what we do.

You will indeed not have mouths wide open when you see the car-like at the Supercars of Monaco or Supercars of London. Still, one thing is evident as the water flowing down from the Alps will smoke all of them forwards and backward.