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Bugatti Chiron Forged Wheel Rims Ready for 261 mph?

Bugatti Chiron Forged Wheel Rims Ready for 261 mph?

Custom Bugatti Chiron on LOMA MCS TrackSpec Forged Wheel Rims.

Bugatti Chiron Forged Wheel Rims with LOMA's TrackSpec® Technology is born with high-speed DNA. LOMA will customize your Bugatti Chiron forged wheel rims to the max, and they will be as unique as your Bugatti. It takes a special kind of feeling to take a hand on the Ultra-Hypercar Bugatti Chiron, but they are used to it at LOMA. Used to it as they are located in Monte Carlo Monaco, where this type of car can be seen daily. Company founder and designer Mario Radosavljevic said recently, one of the reasons we do not launch new designs every week is that our clients come to us because they trust us and do not look for designs that you can find on a BMW M2. Honestly, nobody out there brings that kind of experience as we do, after working over 12 years on this kind of Supercars. Well, that's what we call confidence. Still, we have to admit, Mario Radosavljevic and his team at LOMA are backing it up with all the projects that have been done recently and in the past. However, LOMA's founder admits that it was a hard school to come to the point where they are now and alone to get Aerospace T7075 material to design and produce wheels for Super- and Hypercars is beyond the usual way of working and thinking.

Bugatti Chiron Wheels Rims with the LOMA TrackSpec® Technology.


At press time, it was unclear whether the company has touched the car’s 1,500 HP, 8-liter, W-16 engine, but in the end, they agreed with the owner that this is not the main topic. Changing the body was also no option as it would be a massive loss in value if this car needs to be sold one day. And just changing some parts to get some visual attention was not considered. The goal was to create a design that can be driven daily in Monte Carlo and get a completely new and distinctive look. So the decision fell to LOMA’s bestseller called MCS.

Bugatti Chiron Wheels Rims MCS TrackSpec®.

These forged wheels are far more massive in construction than the factory rims, and they have that center lock look with a floating cap that gives that ultimate look overall. LOMA also made an extraordinary color for the custom rims. After asking, they told us that they make an anodizing process firstly. Then they apply some powder coat if needed but in a very unusual way so that the alloy wheels have to depend on the angle a Matt or Semi-Matt finish.

Bugatti Chiron Wheels Rims with Center-Lock design.


Bugatti Tuning should be something that looks sexy but makes sense at the same time. That is why the rims are made in the same size as from the factory and are not bigger because you will rarely find sport tires that can go over 420 kph (261 mph). So the actual size is 20" x 10,0 with 285/30 ZR20 on the front, and 21" x 13,0 with 355/25 ZR21 on the rear-mounted. Except you say, OK, in my area there is no way to drive that fast because of speed regulations, for example, than LOMA also offers a 21-Inch on the front and 22-Inch on the rear version to get that Hollywood WOW factor if that is wished.

However, again LOMA hits it right on the temple and shows what outstanding performance and luxury are all about. Contact us today to get a quote for your Bugatti Tuning and get your Monte Carlo Star.

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