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C6 Corvette Body Kit.

C6 CORVETTE BODY KIT with TrackSpec® Technology.

LOMA GT2 Corvette Wide Body Kit for YOUR C6.

C6 Corvette Body Kit packages with the LOMA TrackSpec® Technology are the real deal. God alone knows how much horsepower this LOMA GT2 C6 Corvette Body Kit contains under the hood. Still, one thing is clear as crystal clear water from the Rocky Mountains, and the hood is for a reason with that scoop! If such a word exists, the large city is just enormous. It makes everyone quietly walk around the car to inspect it - several times. We love when our customers are sending us pictures like this because, for you guys, we are doing all of this. Does everything always run smoothly and nicely in times of Covid-19? No, but we give our best to fulfill our promises even though we can not influence the shipping in these crazy times. However, once it is on the car, the WOW effect draws a smile on your face every single day, and that is all that matters.

C6 CORVETTE BODY KIT in lime green.
C6 Corvette Body Kit another happy customer.

Beast mode is the best description for the C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit that changed the body kit industry forever. Thank you "Red Vette" and all the other customers for your support and we keep up the good work.

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