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C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit Convertible.

C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit Convertible.

C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit for the Convertible with staggered GTC Custom Wheels.

C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit Convertible called LOMA GT2 had made such an impact in the Chevrolet Corvette community since its launch, that simply every Corvette enthusiast knows from the start what you are talking about. The question of why a C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit Convertible is simple to answer. First, you update your car to look up to date, and secondly, besides the incredible look, the handling and power are totally different transmitted to the ground compare to stock.

How does the C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit improve power and handling?

That is an excellent question that we will answer in a minute. First, let's talk about what happens when you appear with your GT2 Corvette anywhere in town. You notice right away that something super wide is coming from far away. Some X-Large appearance, but what is it? You see, it's a sports-car, and you see it's flat and takes the complete lane, but what the hell is it? You probably hear the custom exhaust sound, and if you are a petrol head, you notice this is American muscle! Then slowly, a picture starts to unfold. It is a Corvette, but your mind is fighting against this idea because Corvettes are not that large, Bro. Now they are, and besides a LOMA GT2 Corvette, even an Aventador looks like he is on Intermediate fasting.

C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit Convertible super wide rear.

With the C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit you solve the Problem!

We promised to answer the question about power and handling. Ok, here we Go. While the first idea regarding management is always to add more horses, this is precisely the wrong way to do it. The reason for this is as logical and straightforward as it can be. Every car, but especially high-torque supercars like the C6 Corvette, can handle that much power. You can add 1000 more horses to it, but the grip is always created mechanically by aerodynamics first and then by electronics. With the LOMA GT2 C6 Corvette Widebody kit, you will solve the problem because your axle stance is 120 mm wider now. If you are not a racing guy, let us tell you so much. LeMans cars or any other race cars are following specific regulations. In their stands, if under any circumstances you widen your axle stance between the tires for even 1 Millimeter, you will be disqualified. Why? Even one millimeter allows to accelerate earlier, brake later, and drive faster corner speed. Now imagine 12 centimeter or 4.72 Inches on front and rear. It will handle like an over-dimensional Go-Kart. Even on a 6.0L LS2 model, the full engine power will be pressing the tires into the asphalt and so guess how your acceleration will be? Exactly, as if you would add more leverage to the car. Power is only as good as you can bring it to the ground. Everything else is just weight.

Your handling will improve drastically. In corners where you had to brake before, you will accelerate now. Corner speed will be Porsche GT3 driver's worst nightmare. Don't forget that your C6 Corvette was born from GM's race car, but GM must make a civil version for the streets. We don't. Contact us today to discuss your modification and make you a proud LOMA GT2 Corvette owner.