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C6 CORVETTE WIDE BODY KIT. Cyber-grey Corvette widebody dream.

Cyber-grey C6 Corvette wide body kit dream!

The C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit by LOMA with TrackSpec® Technology, is transforming your C6, Grand Sport, Z06, or ZR1 into a rolling dream. What is so unique for the C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit by LOMA is, that it is a pure bolt-on system. Mounting your new GT2 fenders and side rockers with the same screws of your factory parts makes it in fact so easy to install, that 9 out of 10 customers do it themselves in their home garage.

C6 CORVETTE WIDE BODY KIT in perfection.

On purpose, we show you here a close-up of the LOMA GT2 C6 Corvette Body Kit. See how the lines are flowing perfectly in each other. The gaps are perfect, the surface is perfect, the complete car looks perfect. Outside we are using pre-preg fiberglass and on the inside, we use carbon fiber to stiffen the fiberglass material so you have a no-brainer even if the car stands all day, every day parked in the sun. Nothing outside on the market that is comparable to the LOMA GT2 C6 Corvette Body Kit.

LOMA GTC-SL Wide Body Deep Concave wheels with TrackSpec® Technology in Beluga Black.

Check these deep concave custom wheels out! The left rim is the front! So your front wheel is nearly 3-times more concave than the stock rear rim of a ZR1. You want only the best for your Car and we understood the request. That is why we offer all our clients a package price of $9990 plus shipping for the complete GT2 Corvette Body Kit plus a set of custom-made GTC-SL TrackSpec® forged wheels in 19/20. You save a mind-blowing $4986.00 when buying it as a package. Think about it and contact us to get your set today.

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