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LOMA 1250 HP Corvette spits huge fire flames!

C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit spits fire as Satan has made some modifications for his car. This C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit shows optically what the Vette is all about. What else to expect but insanity when it comes to the LOMA Corvette! As usual, it is something that breaks the internet. Over 4.6 Million views on this video are like most of the others we have. You see only the LOMA GT2 Corvette Widebody revving the engine and creating some earthquake sounds in the audience. Besides more horsepower and dragon flames, the GT2 Widebody makes every Corvette C6 look years younger and fresh. The Corvette seems so mean and sexy at the same time that the ordering in our house goes on and on.

C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit by LOMA with TrackSpec® Technology.

Nothing looks like this Corvette Body Kit, period. It is fresh, sexy, modern and most of all, it does not look cheap! LOMA customers are so creative that they add some own touch to their car. Take, for example, the picture above. This client made a one-off Lamborghini Diablo rear wing to fit his GT2 Corvette. Do you like it? Well, that is not the question. It makes it unique for sure but imagines this wing without the LOMA GTC-SL Track Spec forged wheels and without the body kit? It would look goofy for sure.

LOMA GTC-SL for the GT2 C6 Corvette with TrackSpec® Technology.

One of the most ordered forged wheels for our Corvette Body Kit is the LOMAGTC-SL Track Spec Series in Beluga Black. They are made in 19 × 10,0 ET0 and 20 × 12,0 ET1 to use with 275/30/19 and 335/25/20 tires. With this spec, they will flush with the fenders and complete the look for your Corvette project. Regularly they would cost 6.990 USD/Euros in a set of 4 and the GT2 Body kit 4.990 USD/Euros. Still, we give an exceptional discount if you order the rims and the body kit simultaneously. So you get the complete package for 9.990 Euros in total. That is crazy, we know, but it is what it is. If you want to order yours, just contact us now, and let's get started.

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