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C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit with 345/25/20 tires.

C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit | LOMA with 345/25/20 tires.

C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit, with LOMA with 345/25/20 tires on the rear equipped with our TrackSpec® Technology! There are Corvettes and then there is the LOMA GT2 C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit. It's a beast that can't wait to get started and to show off on the streets. On the rear, you can drive the Hankook tire with 345 sizes which will look absolutely monstrous on the C6 Corvette. The complete GT2 Corvette Body Kit and a set of custom forged wheels of your choice are available as a package for $9990 and so you save thousands of dollars. Contact us today and secure your package now!

See the LOMA Google Reviews here and the LOMA onsite customer reviews here.

C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit in Aston Martin metallic grey.

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