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C6 Corvette Widebody Body Kit with Custom Wheels.

C6 Corvette Widebody Body Kit with Custom Wheels.

This C6 Corvette Widebody Body Kit transforms the Chevy Corvette into a mean monster on Deep Concave Custom Wheels.

C6 Corvette Widebody Body Kit with Custom Wheels by LOMA is born with the TrackSpec® Technology which means, that the parts are not only looking mean, but they perform. Your C6 Corvette Widebody Body Kit with custom wheels Vette will intimidate everyone around it because the sheer largeness of the car is difficult to explain as you have to stand open-mouthed in front of it. Look at only the rear with them custom rims, it is simply incredible! What we at LOMA have done here so well is, to keep the design language of the Corvette so that even purists cant say a word against it, but we created something so unique that the LOMA GT2 Corvette looks so unique like nothing else even though it has already some years on its list.

Every single part is mounted with the stock hardware which means that only very minimal adjustments have to be done. In fact so small, that most of our customers are installing the Corvette C6 Wide Body Kit by themselves in their home garage and don't need to spend thousands of hard earn dollars in a custom shop making it fit more or less. The rear panel shows it best. A complete widebody fender that works with the stock plastic flares from the stock fender. Yes, you read right. The stock mud flap is integrated into the new widebody panel, that's why so many customers are confused as they ask, how the hell did LOMA do that? Experience my friends and common sense. It makes sense to make the car wider and look more modern, but it does not make sense, to put all GM has made into a trash bag. While this customer used also an airlift system to lower the car below sea level, you don't have to do it, but it shows that still, some clearance is there. Don't wait, contact us today and get your C6 Corvette ready to be filmed and pictured everywhere you go, all day every day.

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Thanks to the owner: P. Duda

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