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C6 Corvette With LOMA GT2 Widebody Kit and Thule Roof Box Puts Down 715 RWHP.

C6 Corvette With LOMA GT2 Widebody Kit and Thule Roof Box Puts Down 715 RWHP.

Produced between the 2005 and 2013 model years, the C6 Corvette is more than just a bargain on the second-hand market. It’s an easy car to modify, and this widebody brawler listed on Facebook Marketplace is a testament to that.

First things first. The seller – Ryan Bomers of Holland, Michigan – is asking $35,000 on his 2007 model. The LOMA GT2 widebody kit retails at $6,600 excluding installation, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg for this ‘Vette.

“Car makes 715 HP to the wheels” according to the owner, coming courtesy of a 6.0-liter crate engine with an A&A V3-SI supercharger and Alky Control methanol injection. A custom-ground blower cam, MSD two-step module selector, long tubes, and straight pipes for the exhaust system are highlights in their own right, as is the six-speed manual transmission.

Turning our attention back to the visual front, the owner has also spruced up his ‘Vette with a hood cutout, lowering bolts, and halo taillights. On top of the removable hardtop, you’ll also find a Thule Motion XT Alpine roof box “with custom brackets and Sea Sucker suction cups.”

19- by 20-inch LOMA wheels wrapped in 345-section Michelin PSC2 tires and a satin-finish black wrap round off the list of improvements as far as the exterior is concerned. Open the driver’s door, and you’re treated to blue LED lighting and a thumpin’ stereo.

Apple CarPlay connectivity, six 6.5-inch speakers from Alpine, two 12-inch JL Audio subwoofers, and no fewer than two amps are featured, which may seem like overkill if you remember how marvelous that engine sounds even at idle. The LS2 was succeeded by the 6.2-liter LS3 for the 2008 model year, but to this day, it’s still popular with the Corvette crowd as well as restomodders and hot rodders.

“Serious inquiries only,” the seller also mentions on Facebook Marketplace, along w