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C6 Z06 Corvette Wide Body Kit sparks the flame of love!

C6 Z06 CORVETTE WIDE BODY KIT. Sparks the flame of love!

C6 Z06 Corvette Wide Body Kit by LOMA transforms you and your Corvette to the next level. Sue, your Corvette is exciting, but the LOMA GT2 Widebody is off the charts. Your C6 Z06 Corvette Wide Body Kit will spark the flame of love between you and your Vette like never before. There is no doubt that the Corvette C6 Z06 is still one, if not the best-looking Corvette on the market, but of course, father time is making no prisoners, so it was time to do something. The complete Corvette Body Kit contains sweeping new fenders, some side skirts, and an overworked front lip. Untypical for the Tuning Industry is that these parts are pure bolt-on with nearly no modifications and can be reverted at any time. Imagine how the driving must be now when you realize that the stance is now 120 mm wider than before and this on front and on the rear — racecar feeling for the street.

C6 Z06 Corvette Wide Body Kit with TrackSpec® Technology.

One of LOMA's specialties is to overwork cars with some Aero parts but give the car still an "I am just like that from the factory "look. Of course, it is not factory-like as the regular Z06 looks like a baby beside the LOMA GT2 Corvette, hands up. Let's not forget the menacing LOMA GTC Superlight forged wheels which measure 19×10 ET0 on the front and 20×12 ET1 on the rear. You can drive them on 275 or 285 on the front and 325, 335, or even 345 on the back, but then we recommend a 20×13 rim for this monster tire.

A piece of art. Contact us today.

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