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C7 Z06 Corvette Aftermarket Wheels.

C7 Z06 Corvette Aftermarket Wheels.

LOMA TrackSpec® Technology for the C7 Z06 Corvette.

C7 Z06 Corvette Aftermarket Wheels in 20/21-Inch rims with the LOMA TrackSpec® Technology is made to have fun on track-days. The best is that your C7 Z06 Corvette aftermarket wheels will not lose their 24-month warranty if you do so. The Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 is pictured here in North-Germany's sunset, and boy, what beautiful scenery! Brushed white and a very mean look indicate that the Z06 is equipped with some torque. Simply perfect are the forged wheels used for this white beauty. The LOMA RS1 Superlight 3-Piece custom wheels are looking so harmonic with the rest of the car that it's barely hard to imagine. What other design would fit better? But as always, this is maybe a taste question.

C7 Z06 Corvette Aftermarket Wheels in the sunset.

Double step lip together with the lightest aluminum in the wheels industry. T6065 Forged aluminum makes the forged rims not only 30% more lightweight than the American-made rims but also must stiffer. Does it mean you can drive all day through potholes? Hell No, but let me put it this way. If the material has 30% more stiffness, it means the aluminum is much more compressed, right? Therefore, you can make the spokes thinner or reduce the weight within the design to save weight. The result is so incredible that LOMA gives as only wheel company in the world a full warranty even if you race the car every weekend! Yes, you read right, you can race it, and LOMA is just smiling about it. Who else does this? And now guess why they don't.

C7 Z06 Corvette Aftermarket Wheels with Deep Concave profile.

Yes, it looks like it's a Corvette C7 Z06 Widebody, but it's not. Lowering the car properly, adding the perfect wheel design, and choosing the ideal offset transforms every vehicle into a neck-breaker and or jaw-dropper. But you know all of that. So why should you Go with a set of LOMA Forged Wheels instead of any other? LOMA can name several reasons here, but I will give you the most important: First, most lightweight forged wheels in the wheels industry, and you want performance besides the look, right? Second, you will never see a LOMA wheel on an Aventador and the same one on a BWM 3-Series, for sure. And third, a set of LOMA's are pre-owned, more worth than 90% of the new rim sets out there on the market. So one day you want to sell them, you get some cash back into your wallet. Think about it.