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Corvette C6 Super Widebody Kits.


Corvette C6 Super Wide Body Kits by LOMA are born with the TrackSpec® Technology.

Corvette C6 Super Wide Body Kits and all other models such as the Grand Sport, Z06 & the ZR1 are covered with this awesome Corvette Body Kit. The beauty of this Corvette C6 Super Wide Body Kits is that all parts are coming in white primer and so ready for painting with nearly Zero modifications to install it on your Corvette. 9 of 10 customers are installing this Corvette body kit in their home garage over the weekend because you will use the same hardware and screws from your stock parts! Forget the times when you have to spend thousands of dollars to make it fit on your car, and then to live in fear if anything will go wrong during everyday driving, so you can start from scratch and leave the car for weeks in the workshop and spend thousands of US-Dollars again. Fake companies such as TPS Motorsports offering knock-off Supervettes kits under a new name or offering LOMA parts without authorization are pure Rip-offs that everyone knows in the industry. You don't need that. Choose pieces that are made genuine and honest, just as your stock parts. Thousands of customers over the US and other countries have ordered the C6 Corvette Body Kit from LOMA and loving it. See the reviews on Instagram or our Customer Cars page and visit their Instagram page to see what they are saying about the complete ordering process with us and the parts. Not one of them is unhappy, and guess why! At the end of the day, if we can make you happy, too, you will be another referral for us, and that is all that matters. Everyone gets happy. But this is not everything.


The reason for this is that since the Covid-19 pandemic, so many small shops are struggling to pay their bills without getting help from the Governments in time, and since we don't want you to pay a shop you "trust" and then we have to hope that the payment will reach us, we decided to give you the FULL DEALER DISCOUNT if you order directly from us. So your money is not only safe, but you also make a hell of a deal. We are not here to investigate if a dealer like TPS Motorsports is bankrupt and waits for clients to pay parts, so they can use it to produce their bills while not ordering the parts from the manufacturers and, in the end, blaming the manufacturers at the customer by saying, well they don't deliver, and I paid them so long ago.

Corvette Racing Champion Tommy Milner a