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Custom Bugatti Veyron Forged Wheels.

Custom Bugatti Veyron Forged Wheels with LOMA TrackSpec® Technology.

Bugatti Veyron, Custom Forged Wheels called LOMA MCS TrackSpec®.

Custom Bugatti Veyron Forged Wheels for one if not the most spectacular supercar on the planet made by LOMA. Equipped with the TrackSpec® Technology, this Veyron runs maximum speed smoothly. The custom Bugatti Veyron forged wheels were made for the factory tires, as the Michelin do not cost only 61,000 US-Dollars per set. Still, they are made to handle the torque and high-speed drives all day. The MCS TrackSpec® custom rims have been specially designed for the high-performance tires standard size 285/35 R 20 in the front and 355/30 R 21 in the back. Besides the performance DNA that this specific rim possesses, we have to talk also about the center-lock design that is the cherry on top of this beautiful and timeless-looking forged wheel. Finished in satin Beluga Black with matching Saturn Orange LOMA letters in the middle, the rim displays its extraordinary heritage all over the place.

Bugatti Veyron LOMA MCS TrackSpec® Custom Forged Wheels.

Here some facts about the Bugatti Veyron:

Bugatti has only been around for a couple of decades in its current form, founded in 1998 following the Volkswagen Group acquisition. The marque's history goes much further than this, though, with the badge first making an appearance 111 years ago in 1909, when it was founded by none other than Jean and Ettore Bugatti.

Custom Bugatti Veyron Forged Wheels in Satin Beluga Black.

The brand showed initial promise, producing machines for both the road and track more capable than most cars of the time – the first ever Monaco Grand Prix, held in 1929, was won by William Grover-Williams in a Bugatti Type 35B, and the brand even held two Le Mans wins to its name. This era was relatively short-lived, coming to an end in 1952 following financial struggles, a consequence of the death of company founders Ettore and Jean Bugatti.

Made for Hypercars like the Bugatti Veyron.

A period of attempted revivals and aircraft part production ensued, up until 1987 when it was acquired by Italian entrepreneur Romano Artioli. The brand's famous Modena factory was opened in 1990, just ahead of the start of EB110 GT production. Despite a reasonable amount of success with the supercar, poor finances once again led to the cease of operations in 1995, a few years before the Volkswagen Group’s acquisition and the brand’s rebirth in 1998.

Bugatti Veyron Custom Forged Performance Wheels.

Bugatti confirmed production for its W16-powered hypercar in 2001, around six years after the production line for the EB110 was brought to a close. The first customer car rolled off the brand’s Molsheim production line four years later in 2005, with a total of 450 examples produced between then and the end of production a decade later in 2015.

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