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Custom Rolls Royce Dawn on MCS 3 Piece Wheels.

Custom Rolls Royce Dawn on MCS 3 Piece Wheels.

You want your Rolls Royce Dawn to look like the ones owned by the Kardashians?

The custom Rolls Royce Dawn on MCS 3 Piece Wheels is probably one of the rarest convertibles in the world, except you live in Monte Carlo Monaco, and it's even more expensive than most of the supercars out there. Only very experienced Rolls Royce Tuning firms can put their hands on the custom Rolls Royce Dawn on MCS 3 Piece wheels without giving the car a look like a Rapper from South Central with a fat gold chain owns it. At LOMA, we have this experience as Rappers are rarely seen in Monte Carlo. Maybe, because we have in Europe a bit of different culture than in the United States without meaning this negative at all.

There is a forged rim standing out in its luxury and beauty, which we call Monte Carlo Star. It is full and opulent and classy in every situation. Far too blue-blooded for a Rapper or similar but the perfect accessory for a true Gentleman. The Monte Carlo Star comes with a black-carbon badge with the inscription " LOMA SCHMIEDERÄDER," which is the German word for forged wheels. German, because they are made in Germany under the highest standards in the automotive industry. With a floating cap that is so gorgeous that you wear it proudly thru the city. Every rim is anodized before its powder-coated, and that alone is unheard of in the wheels industry.

You see from first sight that this forged rim is something special. On the front, you drive them now with 265/35 R22 and on the rear with 295/30 R22. In combination with our lowering links, the Rolls Royce Dawn gets a neck-breaking stance while still keeping its superior ride comfort. Contact us today to get your set and raise your Dawn to the next level.