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Ferrari 488 Custom Forged Wheels.

Ferrari 488 Custom Forged Wheels by LOMA.

Ferrari 488 Custom Forged Wheels with the legendary name GTO Superlight.

Ferrari 488 Custom Forged Wheels with an in-depth concave profile and the LOMA TrackSpec® Technology are born for the performance enthusiast. Bigger but more lightweight than your factory Ferrari wheels are, what Ferrari 488 Custom Forged Wheels from LOMA are. What exactly is TrackSpec® Technology? The Motorsport DNA in our Ferrari custom rims allows you to have fun on track-days while still keeping your 24-month warranty on your Ferrari wheels. Yes, we know you never heard about that and will get constant head-shaking from any other company. Nevertheless, precisely that is the difference what the LOMA Group puts here on the table.

Ferrari 488 Custom Forged Wheels in 21-Inches.

The LOMA GTO Superlight TrackSpec® wheels fit the Ferrari 488 perfectly and line up with Ferraris design language without and disruption. In the Italian supercar manufacturer's history is the word GTO connected to significant milestones, and that's we decided to make this unique forged rim for the prancing horse. 21-Inches in size and finished in satin Beluga Black, you get a bespoke wheel like second to none.

Ferrari 488 Custom Forged Wheels in satin Beluga Black.

We offer this excellent custom wheel in 20, 21, and even 22-Inches for your Ferrari and finishes from satin Beluga Black up to Competition Titanium. Contact us today to discuss your custom finish and decide which size is perfect for your Ferrari 488.