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Ferrari 488 Custom Wheels Deep Concave.

Ferrari 488 Custom Wheels Deep Concave.

LOMA Ferrari 488 Custom Wheels with SP1-SL TrackSpec® Deep Concave Technology.

Ferrari 488 Custom Wheels Deep Concave by LOMA with TrackSpec® Technology are always a head-turner and distinctive. The beauty is that the LOMA SP1-SL TrackSpec® Ferrari 488 Custom Wheels deep concave are born for the race track. So you can have track-day fun without losing your 24-month warranty for your Ferrari rims. Nothing less but a neck breaker is this Ferrari 488 GTB because stanced and equipped with probably the sexiest wheels on the market. The LOMA SP1 Superlight was designed for the Ferrari 488 to withstand enormous power if the engine was modified, probably average these days, and gain the next level of attention. Rolling now on 21-Inch forged wheels with a super deep concave profile on the rear, this Ferrari tells you, don't mess with me, Brother. The biggest car magazine like Autogespot was taking a closer look at the LOMA Ferrari 488, the Gentlemen that is already a LOMA customer, no wonder at all.

Ferrari 488 custom wheels finished in Liquid Titanium.


It is not only about the design and the clear and bold lines created by our design department. It is more about how harmonic an aftermarket product fits into the car brand's design language. If you are not familiar with custom wheels, look at this forged rim and the Ferrari that wears them. You would recognize immediately that this is something special. You would give Ferrari the compliment for it because you are not familiar with any aftermarket custom wheel brand, right? Precisely that is the art when a new design has to be integrated and which LOMA has mastered to the fullest.

Ferrari 488 custom wheels with deep concave profile.


Check out the rear now! It looks super aggressive while only the suspension and the deep concave SP1 Superlight forged wheels were mounted. At LOMA, we have over 12 years of experience with this kind of supercars. Why? Because these are the main customers of our brand and guess how is the king in Monaco when our headquarters is based here?! It's distinct and luxurious as our design language is pared with Motorsport DNA. Nobody does this better than LOMA. Contact us today to transform your Ferrari into the beast you always wanted.

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