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Ferrari 488 GTB 21 Inch Custom Forged Wheels.

Ferrari 488 GTB 21 Inch Custom Forged Wheels.

21 Inch Custom Forged Wheels for the Ferrari 488 GTB.

Ferrari 488 GTB 21 Inch custom forged wheels by LOMA spotted by AutoGespot in the heart of Munich, Germany. What's so special about it is that it's wearing LOMA Ferrari 488 GTB 21 Inch custom forged wheels and a unique carbon fiber body kit, and the engine is tuned to 900 horses! No, a simple chiptune was here not enough. Bigger turbos and many other modifications boost this Ferrari 488 in its league. German engine Tuner " Home of Performance," said only one company can make rims that withstand this immense power and torque while still being the lightest on the market. So, he called LOMA wheels. After a lengthy discussion, we decided to manufacture a unique bespoke set of LOMA SP1 Superlight with TrackSpec® Technology which will look fantastic and perform as expected.

Ferrari 488 GTB 21 Inch Custom Forged Wheels deep concave.

Deep Concave Forged Custom Wheels for the Ferrari 488.

On the front, the 488 GTB is running now on 21 x 9,0, and the rear with 21 x 12,0 rims. Wrapped with some 255 and 325 Pirelli P-Zero's and lowered with a set of custom sport springs to lower this beast more to the ground. But wait a minute, doesn't it mean you will need TUV documents for all these modifications in Germany? Yes, it does, and the German TUV authorities fully registered the car. It can drive now like a wrecking ball all over the German Autobahn. The rims are finished in liquid Titanium semi-matt and look gorgeous as they fit the color of the carbon fiber body kit the car is wearing. Contact us today to discuss your set of Ferrari wheels.